Thursday, June 11, 2009

Heavens of Heaviness

A brooding sky. A moody day. Change is in the air.
Clouds in my backyard.


  1. Anonymous12 June, 2009

    Great change is in the air Louciau! There may be clouds today, but there are beautiful blue skies just around the corner!!!

  2. With clouds like those, who needs science fiction... yikes. Beautiful, yet eerily foretelling in some way. Don't get me wrong, louciau, love the photo, it just seems like from a dream...

  3. What a sensual surface ! I hope all the raccoons had the good sense to take deep cover before the deluge broke ... or was it just passing over ?

    We had a storm here the other night with baseball-size hailstones that fell just a bit farther north of us, badly damaging cars, destroying roofs of houses, breaking skylight windows... hopefully your sky didn't do anything like that. I will have to post a picture or two I took as the storm moved in...

    Anyway, I've been listening to Bruce Cockburn in the car these days, and am still green over your account of meeting him way back when ? Did you ever cross paths again ? I was able to speak only very briefly with him after a show in Paris a few years back. Are you familiar with his album "In the Falling Dark" ? That could be a a title for your photo here...

    An excellent weekend to you Lynne... and glad you liked the cats !

  4. Rain: Thank you for that dose of optimism. I will come back here and dip into it from time to time, as needed. And I'm sure it will be needed!

    David: Eerily foretelling...I hope not doom and gloom! The cloud cover looked so thick and magical. Portentous. Today the cleansing rains came, but not then.

    Owen: Sensuous surface, yes; it seems as if you could rub that cloud cover between your finger- tips and it would be warm and wooly and only slightly damp. I feel I would love to be absorbed by it. Perhaps I have been and just didn't notice.

    I look forward to seeing your photos of hailing the storm.

    As for Bruce, I never met him again. I missed out on a lot of his music over the years but it was always there in the ambience of the times. I just had a listen to "In the Falling Dark." Does, indeed, seem an appropriate driving home tune.

    Weekend, yes. Glass of wine at hand. Salut!

  5. Funny, saw this cloud post while at work, and when I got home found that a friend in the US had just e-mailed me today this link to a cloud story that seems very strangely similar to your image... crazy coincidence...

    The sky is falling ... ;-D