Saturday, June 20, 2009

Honk If You're Canadian

On my way to check for mail yesterday I noticed this gaggle of geese feeding on the grass by the pond across the road from the Post Office. There are a couple of Canada Goose (Geese?) families that return every spring to this pond. This was the first time that I noticed them this year.

The proud & protective papa keeps guard while mother & goslings sup. (You can just make out the head of a wee one peeping out of the grass behind the guard goose; mama on far right.)

Of course, my approach was the signal for them all to run away. Sauvez-vous! (I like the little guy at the end of the line, still taking a moment for another quick beakful)

And away they sailed for an early evening swim. Rather like going out for a ride after supper, I think. Honk-honk!


I came across this gorgeous video on the internet this morning and think it goes well with today's blog. I love the underlying rhythmic sound of the beating wings. I hope you have a few minutes to watch and listen.


  1. Anonymous20 June, 2009

    Honk! Six babies, I guess it's the trend these days.

  2. Hi Lynne, the video is truly gorgeous and well worth the four minutes to watch... stunning swan footage in there. I'm wondering if this footage was from or had something to do with the film "Le Peuple Migrateur" ??? Have you seen that ? If not, you might enjoy it... more info here :

    I have a very warm and fuzzy memory from it, would love to see it again.

    Where my parents live in a retirement community near Philadelphia, there are Canada Geese that come and nest around a pond on the property. The only problem with them is the huge number of "shoe bombs" they leave all over the place, making walking without slipping and sliding in them a challenge for older people whose balance may already be a little challenged... Apparently they breed like rabbits ! But good to see other species beside mankind can multiply and prosper... so... HOOOONNNNKKK !

  3. Honk to you, too, Anonymous! Six at a time, and year after year! Perhaps it's the geese who will inherit the Earth.

    Hey Owen: Yes, the footage seems familiar to me, too, as I did see that amazing film.

    I have to admit, there are those Canucks who are not fond of the Canada Honkers either for the very reason you mention--but I've never heard it called "shoe bombs" before! LOL.

    Seeing as you seem to be a very nice, polite person, I guess we'll let you honk away as an honourary Canadian.

  4. PS and in this vein, take a look at :

  5. Hey, COOL, that was like, almost perfectly simultaneous posting there in the arctic box ! Synchronicity !

  6. What are you doing still up?!

  7. HONK HONK HONK!!! I love the geese! In the spring, they love to honk VERY loud in the morning, but I haven't seen them around too much lately! Nice photos!

  8. Hi Rain: I was hoping you'd honk!

    I can't help but wonder if there's a campaign afoot to control the population explosion (& shoe bombs)of the geese. Last year there was a field swarming with them here, & out in Vancouver by the trainyards, hundreds. Now, not so much. Obviously not on the protected species list.

    Thanks for honking by!

  9. Hmm, that's interesting because I don't see them as much as I used to for sure...but there are a heck of a lot of ducks around here!

  10. Good Morning, Lynne!
    What a beautiful song, and even more touching and beautiful video... yes I took a few minutes to watch it all and am glad I did! I absolutely love geese, especially when hearing their honking above in early spring, as I know this is a good sign. Their muffled honks bring me so much joy, as do the new baby geese that eventually arrive at several ponds I pass often. Delightful... but I never get too close, as they will show the shadow side of beauty ;)
    Thanks again, Lynne!

  11. David, I would grant you, too (as I did for our mutual friend, Owen) honourary honk status!