Friday, June 19, 2009


A little mood music to help ease our way into the weekend. I could use a lovely stroll in the park just now. Maybe an ice cream cone (chocolate, of course) and some jazzy tunes to soothe my rattled mind on my lunch break. Nice to have this moment's respite before heading back to the grind. I hope you've enjoyed it, too. Thanks for sharing it with me. (What flavour did you get?)
(Photo from May trip to NYC--unfortunately not really today)


  1. That is one thing I miss about living in Montreal, the buskers in the metro! And the Jazz festival. But peaceful nature was the winner! :-)
    I think that I will either have French Vanilla, or go crazy on Friday with a Bubble Gum Rainbow DOUBLE cone!!!

  2. Rain: Oooh, a double cone! Yes. Now would that be one scoop on top of another or in a double-sided cone? Do they still make those?

  3. I'm totally giggling like crazy because I remember those double sided cones! LOL

  4. Vanilla with chunks of candied ginger
    and Marc Jacobs singing in the background - now that's the way to begin the weekend.

  5. I can hear them from here in France, I think they're belting out a jazzy version of Summertime, or maybe Sweet Georgia Brown or something in that vein ??? I wonder what could rattle your mind... As for ice cream, I'm a sucker for most any flavor, although I really enjoyed the banana ice cream in Paris the other day, and la Grenouille got an apricot ice cream cone that I'm still drooling over here as I type this three weeks later... it had bits of apricot chopped up in it... WOW ! Have a fine, fun weekend : )

  6. A stroll, even a dash through a park strengthens one's soul so beautifully, doesn't it? I feel lucky that it is so easy to cross through parks here. I often jump off the tram a station earlier to make it possible to reach my destination walking through some greenery.

    For weeks am I dreaming about having another one of those "to go" waffle cones at Demel's: a scoop of violett icecream topped with whipped cream. Would you think I would pass there with enough time or opportunity to indulge myself? Day after day, no, but I continue dreaming of it!

  7. Drifter: That little zing of ginger reflects your personality, I think!

    Owen: Banana & apricot are a perfect combination!

    I used to enjoy banana & chocolate while I was walking barefoot down Toronto's Yonge St. on a hot summer night.

    Merisi: That is a veritable Viennese waltz of an ice cream cone that you propose! I think you must celebrate the beginning of summer with that cold treat from Demel's. Promise yourself.