Saturday, June 27, 2009

Antique Café

Do you notice something a little odd about this photo? I flipped the image so that we could read the writing on the!

Is it hot in here or are my glasses fogged up?

Tasty tidbits and tasteful decor.

Adding to the pleasure of our stay in NYC was breakfast at the Antique Café, just around the corner from our apartment. A continental breakfast was part of the B&B deal, and we could choose from a variety of fresh-baked muffins, croissants, chocolatines, etc. to go with a bottomless cup of robust coffee. Part of the charm of the place was an older waiter, tall, thin, and slightly weather-beaten, with what I think was a mid-Western American accent. He was unfailingly attentive and upbeat in the face of our bleary-eyed morning mumbles.



  1. Oh, Lynne! So glad you're on your feet and posting again... how's the sprain? Never mind answering that -- Just happy to hear about the "tasty tidbits", foggy glasses (yes, that's what it is), and the weather-beaten barista!

  2. David, Are you suggesting it was the waiter who made my glasses steamy? (make that an ICED coffee, please!)

  3. LOL, well if David isn't suggesting it, I will, ha ha! Just the thought of chocolatines and coffee.....mmmmmm! I love the charm of that café, really nice!

  4. Jeez, you flipped me out with that photo, I was really wondering why a window sign would be readable from inside... until I read your text...

  5. The charm of the cafe, Rain, enhanced by the charms of the waiter. ;-D

    heh.heh.heh. Owen,you are a very observant fellow. If I had come upon a photo like that I would probably just have accepted it as "normal." Must be the Jabberwocky in me.