Friday, May 8, 2009

One Blog Leads to Another...

I saw a few grave images on the Magic Lantern blog this morning which prompted me to post a few of my own, gathered from the big cemetery in Tropea, Italy a couple of years ago. I bet that Mamma made a mean plate of macaroni and that Pappa was a quiet, studious individual who secretly enjoyed writing poetry in his ledgers. They were both proud and saddened when their bambino went away to join the Italian navy.


  1. Hi Madlynne, see you have been busy ! I was working on the railroad all day long today, got home at last, and just saw this... thank you for this kind tribute. So, I'm not the only one who has ever photographed portraits on graves !?! That makes two of us then... do you know of any others ? I have always loved finding really expressive faces from the past on tombstones. In France there are alot of images on older graves, no so much on more recent. So, what kind of shape is the inside of your abandoned house in ??? it looks nice from the outside. Well, if the economy keeps heading South and I lose my job, can we come camp in your abandoned place ??? Is there running water in there ??? (for thirsty raccoons?)

    PS almost forgot to mention, your portraits here are great, and your reading of their sadness to lose their son in the Navy... see you soon

  2. Owen: These are the only images I have of tomb portraiture. I was fascinated but didn't have enough space left on my memory card by the time of my visit to the cemetery in Tropea. I would love to have a collection of them! These 3 people, as far as I know, weren't related. I just randomly selected them.

    As for boarding at the Raccoon Hotel, you're best advised to bring heavy-duty camping gear. But certaily, you and your loved ones are welcome! Actually, you may have to share it with us...the way the economy is going...

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