Sunday, May 31, 2009


"Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose..."

(Click on Lady Liberty & sing along)


  1. Hey, I am beginning to appreciate just how capable you are at finding perfectly apt references, drawing on a vast store of cultural sources... ! And for putting links on your photos... I only just noticed this morning where you added a link to your "Repent" piece a couple of posts down here... (I'm a little slow sometimes) What a shame folks like Janice and Jimi and Jim and Pigpen all checked out so early...

    I would imagine you knew that the Grateful Dead also played this tune on quite a number of occasions... here's a video from 1972 in Copenhagen :

    Amazing what can be found on YouTube !

  2. PS just for the heck of it, I have "tagged" you, I know you had nothing else to do tomorrow than answer a tag in these pages... or day after tomorrow, you can take your time... stop by my place to see the instructions and pick up the questions ! Have fun !

  3. Owen: I must mention an odd "coincidence": I hadn't thought about this song in a coon's age when I posted it and then last night at a benefit concert I attended, one of the acts (Teresa Malenfant, New Brunswick Queen of the Blues) belted out a gutsy version of it. Life imitating Blog!

    I missed Janis's show in Vancouver, back in the day, but did see Jimi and the Doors. I remember Hendrix had a cold that night, but his parents were in the audience, so he did a great show anyway, complete with the teeth thing and behind his back, on the floor, etc. It seems to me he set his guitar on fire-literally-Is that possible? I gotta say, I did see a lot of concerts, but most of them are just a hazy memory. I know I saw the Beatles, when they were still the Fab Four; the Stones, when Brian Jones was still alive; Jefferson Airplane, before they were Jeff Air, let alone the Airplane; Bob Dylan when it was just him with his guitar & harmonica, & then when he'd just gone electric; David Bowie in high heels and a suit, and then another time with a horn section; Van Morrison; BB King; Mitch Rider; Johnny Winters; Jesse Winchester; Mose Alison; Sly and the Family Stone; I think Deep Purple was the opening act for the Paul Butterfield Blues Band...I saw the Who in a little club on Oxford Street in London (well, almost got to see them but I was making out with Mick Ronson when he still called himself Mike & hadn't met Bowie) but then I had to go meet my mother just when the Who finally got on stage...hey, this site does warn that I may reveal a little too much about myself). Probably other great bands, but that's all I can think of just now.
    Are we puce yet?

  4. PS. Oh crap. I just saw that you "tagged" me--whatever that means. I'm sure it does not bode well...

  5. Hey, are you sure your name is not Leibowitz, and you're just moonlighting here anonymously ???

    Wow, what a trip you have had over the years ! No wonder the references come easy.

    Am off for my beauty sleep, but am never far away...