Thursday, February 2, 2012

Covering the Cove

Beautiful sight, lousy picture...what's a girl to do...

Employ every means of subterfuge that she has in her digital make-up kit.

A swipe of mineral powder to soften the lines,

(with a little help from pixlr)

a dash of sparkle, a shift in lighting,  some vaseline on the camera lens (figuratively speaking) and maybe we've turned a sow's ear into a silk purse?

Here's another view.  

A good vantage point awaits those willing to climb.

 The colours and lines are reminiscent of an abstract Mondrian painting, I find. Do you see iit?

 This version reminds me of my art school days, spending hours in the lab developing and printing my black and white 8 x 10s.

I had a most enjoyable walk to Deep Cove yesterday and amused myself with taking pix.
The weather has dried up at last.

This was the view  (zoomed in) from my bedroom window yesterday
 when the sun made a brief appearance in the late afternoon. 

The light is coming back!
The days are growing longer.
And yet, the weeks are flying by, don't you find?


  1. You may find a permanent post with the Department of Tourism, Division of Environmental Cosmetics.

    WV straphat - headgear of a Brit in high wind

  2. I liked the pictures before AND after the digital magic.

    And I am AWESTRUCK at this wonderful view from your bedroom window. Wow!!!!

  3. Fascinating - love the connection you make with Mondrian.

  4. Having such a view from the bedroom is probably a guarantee for many nights without sleep, as I wouldn't be able to leave the window.

    Thank you for this lesson of photography with the various point-of-view examples.
    You certainly life in an incredible environment. Please have you all a good Friday.

  5. You are one creative lady, Ms Louciao! I loved the pictures in each of their manifestations. Wonderful, wonderful images of home. I am most partial to the sailboats and their reflection in the water. Exquisite.

  6. Agree with Jenny. After AND before are both nice. Love those foreground rocks, especially. What kind of lens did you use for the shot? Wide-angle???

  7. DCW,
    I'm putting on my straphat and heading out with my resumé and portfolio now.

    The scene at the Cove was beautiful but I couldn't capture the light, hence the fiddling with Photoshop. However, the lighting was just perfect for the view out my bedroom window. Really, I could just sit and watch as it changes all day every day. Well, maybe not so much on the grey rainy ones.

    Ah, you do see the connection. Excellent.

    Yes, it is a beautiful environment here; a good mix of the natural with the urban. I wish I could live here all the time, but the cost of housing is prohibitive. I cherish my visits home.
    When I was a teenager living in this house, I did spend many sleepless nights, hanging out my bedroom window, breathing in the darkened view and the fresh air. Not so much in the winter, though--too wet.

    The Cove is certainly one of the most picturesque spots in Vancouver. It just begs to be photographed. For once I moved away from the usual vantage point and found new inspiration. The light wasn't quite cooperating with my photographic skills, though. Will have to go back and try again on a sunny day. Oh darn.

    Well I'm very pleased that you like the before and afters. I have an inner critic about my photos who tells me they all need to be adjusted and that they are always under exposed or have too much contrast. But at least it gets me experimenting with different effects in Photoshop. I just have a little Canon Powershot SX130 camera (12xzoom), no special lenses. There is some sort of setting to take very wide angle shots (multiples "stitched" together) but I don't know how to use it!

  8. wow , you surely do have inspiration around you ... must be tantalizing every time you open your eyes... your compositions are gorgeous.. ..

  9. You forgot the rouge, every lovely landscape should have just the faintest blush of rouge, don't you think? Ah, well, we'll forgive you. Now, what I really want to know, is where there are sow's ears, does that mean there may be bacon for breakfast ? That is one thing very hard to find in France, good bacon for breakfast... or you need a silk purse to be able to afford it...

    PS WV is : "embusher"

    1) someone who ambushes an entire country by voting for someone named "Bush"

    2) should read "emblusher", someone who applies blush and rouge to various landscapes to liven them up to make people gasp at their beauty...

    It is wonderful to see how your mind works, or plays rather, as you dress up the scenes beheld to suit your fancy... Keep going like that and god may have a job for you in his landscaping design division. There are still several billion planets out there that need some good creative designers to give them some loving attention...

  10. Fantastic sequence and I love all the subterfuge alterations - my favorites are the Mondrian masts....

  11. Gwen,
    Yes, it's pretty inspiring when it's not pouring rain. I guess that's partly why the property prices are so high here. I almost didn't take my camera with me that day because I've photographed the cove marina so many times before. But then I thought, "And?"

  12. Owen,
    Between you, DCW, and God, I just may find some gainful employment yet! I did actually put a hint of rouge in the transformation but I don't like to overdo it else the scene ends up looking like Gloria Swanson saying she's ready for her close-up in Sunset Boulevard. Just a hint of blush rather than rouge is my secret.
    But it's late now and I embushed.

  13. Catherine,
    I could have used some of that fantastic light that you have on the Riviera to make the photos shine on their own. But it was fun employing some "subterfuge" to liven them up after the fact. Glad you like the effects.

  14. Louciao, you open up our eyes to the many possibilities of "points of view." For me, the vantage point makes all the difference. Reading this post made me like I was standing on the cove and looking at your window. What an amazing view you have, friend! :)

  15. Bella,
    Your comment makes me realize that a change in vantage point or a change in attitude is often all that is needed to make a shift in one's life. We get so stuck in our habitual ways of looking at things that it's good to try on someone else's glasses now and then. I'm glad you enjoyed the view through my eyes. I'm breathing in this wonderful scene from my window, because soon it will no longer be available to me when my mother's house is sold.

  16. I am soooo going to send you another photo of mtself, you can transform me (not into the Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies tho', got that covered already).
    Have been on holiday myself...

  17. Saj,
    Darling, you are perfect as you are! Especially with that tan.