Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Something Fishy

Vancouver is home to a large Asian population and one of the benefits is a good selection and variety of sushi joints, such as this modest little hole in the wall place known only to true sushi aficionados.   

If I was a fish, I don't think I'd feel all that comfortable floating in a fish tank in a sushi restaurant. 
 I think this fellow has a distinctly worried look on his face.

Here we see diners contemplating the menu with visions of sugar plumsfresh fish dancing in their heads.

Unable to decide, they fall back on the always satisfying party plate,
with a little something to please everybody.

I must admit that not everything on the plate was to my taste and my dining companions gently mocked my predilection for "western" sushi.  But at least I could appreciate the vivid colours and artful display.

And I was not the only one happy to note that all the fish we saw in the tank when we first entered the restaurant were still there upon our exit. 

What about you?
Sushi lover
strictly shrimp on the Bar-B type?

I have a fondness for a good juicy salmon burger, served up with a local beer.  Hmmmm...must get on that before my time's up here on the west coast. 
If the rain ever lets up, that is...


  1. Thank you for the memories, as I love to enjoy Sushi, eaten after midnight.

    Dali would have been impressed by your photography.

    Please have a good Wednesday.

  2. Robert,
    Sushi after midnight?! I could get into that! "Sushi After Midnight" would also make a good title/inspiration for a poem or a song, I think. Dali may have liked my pictures more if I'd included a melting clock. Thanks for the fine compliment. It has quite made my Tuesday. Will look forward to a Wednesday without rain.

  3. louciao--how absolutely brilliant to shoot the dining room and diners through the fish tank! Fantastic! Vancouver has such an incredible selection of restaurants; how do you manage without them when you're in the wilds of the Northeast?

  4. jann,
    I have my own personal chef in the wilds.

  5. Funny, That fish looks a lot worried!

    At first glance I thought they were hanging in mid air and therefore thought they must be fake.. and then thought, how real they looked.. then I clued in.

  6. chef in wilds25 January, 2012

    I knew you could swim but to get yourself into a fish tank to blog a pic? You rock Babe! Your understanding of the fish-people's position in the food chain is awe-inspiring. Keep up the good swim/work.

  7. Gwen,
    Your comment about the suspended fish brings to mind a little cafe in your neck of the woods with a gorgeous view of the bay, and a whole lot of colourful wooden fish hanging in the windows. In some respects, they rather spoil the view, but on the other hand, they provide a quirky maritime flavour to the scene. I took a picture of them but haven't got around to blogging about our big adventure over to St.Martins--over a year ago now.
    Don't you think big paper fish light shades would look wonderful hanging in a seafood restaurant? I can just imagine it...

  8. Wild Chef,
    Yes, the Fish thought they were the People and who was I to argue? The only way they would allow me to photograph them was if I got into their tank, which they considered The World.
    I do rock, don't I?! Kind of like a rock lobster. Thanks for noticing.
    ;-* xo

  9. I just LOVE that first photo !
    You made my day!

  10. If you knew Sushi like L knows Sushi

    There once was a lovely pink fish
    Who swam within view of a dish
    He said, "I can't hide
    From the dry other side
    But to stay in this tank is my wish

  11. Oh, he looks so grumpy, as well he might. I'm one of those rare people who doesn't really like sushi OR shrimp (well, I'm a bit allergic to shellfish). I wouldn't be able to eat happily with those poor fish swimming around!

  12. Louciao, I love the fishes in the tank! And it's wonderful how they seem to be floating over the diners' heads. I'm a hard core sushi fan. I can't get enough of it. However, I won't eat just anywhere. I refuse to eat supermarket sushi! Argh!

  13. ha ha I love your pictures !
    I am a Sushi Lover ^^ sorry :-)
    kisses xxx

  14. Poor fishie looks horrified!
    Wouldn't you if cannibals feasted nearby.....
    and you were next!

  15. Nathalie,
    So glad if I helped you get into the swim of things!

    If fishes had wishes
    there'd be no sushi dishes

    Jenny Woolf,
    I must admit, aside from being a fine blogging opportunity, the fish in that barren tank were a bit off-putting, but no more so than we to them, I imagine. But I mustn't carp.

    A sushi connoisseur! My dining companions are experienced in the way of sushi but will not turn up their noses at supermarket sushi if nothing better is at hand. Better than a stop at a burger joint or muffin shop for a quick snack is their way of thinking. As for me, well beggars can't be choosers so I gratefully accept whatever someone puts on my plate.

    I once saw paper fish lampshades on lampstands in a gallery window in Seattle. They were brilliant! Aside from the unfortunate speared fish connotation.

    No need to apologise for loving sushi! Some of the people I love best also love sushi. I am only just getting to know it...not quite in love as yet, but the attraction is definitely there.

    My thought as well! And the poor dear fishies didn't even have any greenery to hide or lurk behind. The sushi on our party plate had more seawood on it than the fish tank. I should have called the SPCA. Do they rescue fish, I wonder?

  16. PS Elizabeth,
    By "seawood" of course I mean seaweed. The only seawood in sight was in the form of toothpicks at the cash desk.

  17. I am a sushi lover to be sure! Yet another thing about Vancouver that I truly miss! Fun pictures!

  18. Audrey,
    It's too bad that I am such a sushi neophyte. There's a sushi restaurant just down the street from here but I've never been in because I wouldn't have a clue what to order. I almost feel guilty telling you this! Will have to look into getting some training. There must be a course up at Cap College...

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