Thursday, December 8, 2011

Looking Up

I have a tendency to look at the ground when I'm walking, but once in awhile I remember to look up.

Sometimes when I'm looking at the ground, I find a surprise, such as a lucky penny or a feather or an appealing piece of rusted metal to give to a friend as a gift (yes, I am that generous!); but sometimes when I look up I find pleasant surprises as well.  Such as a flying fish and a message from the wind.

Or if I'm really lucky I might even happen upon a towering totem reaching heavenward. 

I might find inspiration from flowers that should be well past their prime...that should, in fact, be quite dead but that are somehow lingering on and stretching out their beauty.

I couldn't believe my eyes.  I zoomed in with my little camera lens to confirm that there were buds, resembling rosebuds but who knows what they really are, short of miraculous, stretching high above me.  (This photo is SOOC, BTW.)

And this evening, as I was looking up at the sky through my bedrom window,  I saw that the moon was already on high, taking advantage of the delicate pink goodnight kisses from the setting sun.

I hope things are looking up for you, my friends.


  1. I like your roses. I had a similar thought on my recent birthday: lingering on and extending my beauty. Just call me "Bud".

    WV: dersur - place for us, somewhere a place for us

  2. Yes there certainly are some beautiful sights to be seen as you have shown....greetings from the riviera....

  3. This place you call home is breathtaking! How wonderful to have such views from your very own windows! Life takes on a different meaning when you have access to such places; long walks, water, big skies, trees. All the variations of mood, a warm home to return to at the end of the day, the connection with what is eternal and best within. Can't wait to see more of this magical place...

    PS: word verif is exist

  4. Whether you are looking down, or up, or all around, it seems there be a multitude of quiet treasures, none of which escape your piercing gaze... and we mere mortals are the richer for it...

    So, no bears today ?

  5. You lift towards the Good and Beautiful. Merci. Please have a good Friday.

  6. Such hearty beauties, those roses! BTW, what is SOOC?????

  7. Hey DCW,
    This Bud's for you! I hope you enjoyed what your birthday brewed up for you!

  8. Catherine,
    Finding beauty in the everyday, if one takes the time to look. Greetings from the west coast.

  9. Stickup,
    Yes, I feel privileged to have the opportunity to exist within these beautiful surroundings. I am breathing it in and soaking it up, letting it seep into my bones, along with that chill damp air of this wintry west coast weather. Every day of cold sunshine is a blessing, I feel, as I wander through the park and by the beach and along the neighbourhood streets rife with verdant gardens. Soon the family home will be sold and these ramblings will be filed in the memory bank of time passed, along with so many other treasured reflections.

  10. Owen,
    It's quite literally a teddy bear's picnic around here!

  11. Robert,
    If my simple pictures and words have lifted your spirits, that in turn has lifted my own. Happy weekend!

  12. jann,
    Aren't they amazing?! SOOC stands for Straight Out Of Camera, as opposed to my usual tampering in Photoshop. (I didn't make the term up)

    When I looked at the picture of the roses it just looked so fake to me, almost as if it had been posterized, so that's why I specified the sooc.

  13. Louciao, I once did a "look up" post with Roxy! Like you, I was surprised at the beautiful things we spotted that day simply by lifting our gaze. That last shot is pure magic!

  14. Absolutely lovely shots, L. We miss a world of beauty when we don't look up. Love that fishy weather vane and the fact that you notice feathers.

    DCW's WV interpretation just cracked me up. And in keeping with that theme, mine was "syste." His song creation came from West Syste Tory.

  15. Hilary,
    Between you and DCW, I have no need to get me to a punnery!

  16. Good thing.. because they, along with nunneries are habit-forming. ;)

  17. Hilary,
    At this time of the year, the hills are alive with the sound of punning.

  18. Bella,
    I'd think that Roxie must have to spend a lot of time looking up...for treats, and dinner, and pats on the head; but then, looking down must also go with finding lots of good stuff to sniff. Best of both worlds.