Friday, December 2, 2011

I Can Feel It In My Bones

I'm here!

And on my first day "home" yesterday this quirky little car tickled my funny bone, with its bulbous headlight eyes and humpbacked shape, slightly reminiscent of a Citroen 2CV, but hailing from the Orient.  It was parked in front of a yoga studio because this is, after all, Lotus Land where everyone dresses like they're on their way to a yoga class or a mountain hike or a double latté.

(edited with Pixlr free online fun!)
Yes, that's right, beautiful British Columbia.  For many years it was referred to on the license plates and tourist ads as Super Natural British Columbia but I think that terminology must have become politically incorrect in recent times.  Some folks, after all, are fundamentally afraid of anything smacking of the supernatural. 

A golden dawn greeted me this morning.

I ate up the view from my bedroom window.
The frosted rooftops glistened against the golden sponge cake sky with its marzipan clouds.
Or was it a golden pancake sky with whipped cream clouds?
Guess I was hungry for breakfast.

The day begged for a walk.  I peered at the piers at the bottom of the street.  It's astounding what the proximity to a shoreline can do to increase the amount of zeros in a property's price tag, judging from the local real estate ads,  but the view from little access points like this is free.

Private property here so I didn't take a long walk
 on the short pier.

Although it was sunny, the air was chilly.

   People are fond of saying that the southwest coast, in spite of its temperate climate, feels colder than the frigid clime of the eastern winter because the west has a damp cold while the east a dry one.  I don't know which is preferable, damp toes or a frozen nose?  I think I'll stay a spell and do a little more research...


  1. Happy researching. The morning photos are wonderful. I can almost smell the breakfast on rising and thekelp on the breeze on the walk.

    WV chomb: the sound of biting into a West Coast waffle.

  2. Oh, and I smiling and filled with longing. There is nothing more spectacular than and West Coast morning. Enjoy! Beautiful photos - I can't wait to see more. Enjoy!

  3. What lovely light in these shots to welcome you home....

  4. Happiness!!!
    Beautiful photos and light.Thanks for sharing your first morning's joy!

  5. I'd be enjoying that research too. Beautiful images, Louciao. That sunrise is amazing.

    And that walk you took.. were you with friends? Because peering at the pier is good but peering at the pier with peers is peerfect. And I hope you didn't have too much coffee with breakfast.. nobody likes a pier pee-er.

    Please stop me. ;)

  6. Unbelievable shot from your bedroom window. It took my breath away. And the car is, yes, so much like a 2CV--but from China? What make? I NEED one. Enjoy your stay in the great Canadian Northwest...

  7. DCW,
    Yes, the morning view is certainly a feast for the eyes, and easy on the calories. Cedar-scented kelp braised on rocks and rolling tides.--real west coast soul food!

  8. Audrey,
    It feels like home. It smells like home. I'm smiling, too.

  9. Catherine,
    Lovely light, indeed...quite different from the Riviera blues and golds.

  10. Forest Dream,
    It's so wonderful to have people to share the experience with.

  11. Hilary,
    Thank goodness I wasn't walking in the Pyrenees or that would have really set you off! (I think there may be meds for what you've got).

  12. jann,
    I've always loved the view from that window. It was my bedroom as a teenager. My father planted a cedar tree in the backyard and i- eventually grew so huge that it totally blocked the view. My mother had it cut down a few years ago and the rediscovery of the view was breath-taking, as you say.

    I think that funny little van is a Nissan. Personally, I'm in love with those mini-pick ups in Italy, with the one driver seat...I forget what they're called. Something to do with onions?

  13. wow no wonder you want to go out there.. GORGEOUS!!!!

  14. Where alike is possible - must be a dream living there.

    Please have a good weekend ahead.

  15. These gorgeous shots literally took my breath away! The golden dawn photos are exquisite. Indeed, it must be wonderful to come home to these scenes! :)

  16. Gwen,
    Yup. Seeing is believing, eh? And no snow, or at least hardly any, for winter!

  17. Robert,
    Well, it's my dream to live here again, certainly. An expensive one, though.

  18. Bella,
    So true,so true, very wonderful to come home to these scenes. Especially as I thought it quite likely I'd be arriving to pouring rain and clouds hiding the mountain and all the world turned to tones of grey. A beautiful welcome home it truly is. I'm so glad you stopped by to visit and enjoy it, too.

  19. Pancakes ? Syrup ? I can hear and smell the bacon sizzling. Positively glowing there... are you sure there isn't a nuclear reactor over that way, contributing unnatural light ??? Almost could be billed as a tangerine sky ?

    Glad to see you've arrived safely and seem to be in fine fettle for putting on a kettle.

  20. Owen,
    Yes, in fine fettle and of fine mettle, that's me.
    Kettle's on and we'll all have tea. Would you like one lump or two?

  21. Ahem... hmm, maybe a spoonful of honey would do the trick instead of a lump or two...

    oh, btw, did you see what happened over at Saj's place ?!? I'm almost afraid to go back over there lest the sleeping drinker should wake up and roll off that table, knocking over all the bottles whilst falling to the ground in a resounding crash of breaking glass...

  22. BrOwen,
    I guess it's true that one can catch more toads with honey.

    (Thank goodness he didn't see me under the picnic table over at Saj's. Gee, I hope I didn't say that out loud.)

  23. I hope you weren't looking upwards from under that picnic table!!!

    However, I that Golden Dawn very much infact I feel your home is calling out to me....

  24. Saj,
    We're beside the same ocean now! Come on up. Plenty of room here...after Xmas.

    Face down under the picnic table, no probs. Hard to get the cake crumbs out of my hair next day, though.

  25. East is just 'the very best.'
    Here, the rain is a 'dry rain.'

  26. Anonymous,
    Yeah, and your snow suits are actually made out of snow.