Friday, November 4, 2011

Pondly Yours

This miniature cottage sits on a diminutive island near the far edge of a small pond that I pass on my walks. It must have started out as a dog house but I've seen it used by ducks and, more recently, by a pair of honeymooning Canada geese. 

I wonder if they took the time to admire the birds' eye view (or maybe in their eyes it was a fowl sight).

I imagine when you're a bird, flying in an ocean of sky over a sea of water, it's sometimes hard to tell which way is up.  Sometimes it's not so easy for humans, either, which reminds me of the Richard Farina book title, "Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me."

It's a topsy-turvy world we live in. 
All those ripples from over the pond with so many people casting their Euros in it to make a wish for stability, if not sanity.
Let's hope it doesn't cause a global tidal wave.

Right now I'm going to wave goodbye to you for a little while.  You'll hardly even notice I'm gone.  It's just to let you know that I won't be around to answer any comments you might leave on my doorstep or visit with blog friends for a few days.
Meanwhile, stay sunny side up!


  1. Nice pix. Walden well done.

  2. Love your images, and your thoughts. Very refreshing.
    Have fun wherever you may wander!

  3. Wonderful pics - made me want to join you on your walks. I love the mirror image shot. Very well done! Enjoy your blogging break. We will miss you while you are gone.

  4. Ha, ha! I did get dizzy looking at these images, and started sympathizing with your Canadian geese trying to figure out which way is up. Beautiful images! Can't wait to see what you find on your wanderings...

  5. I love your lead-ins from one sentence to the next and your wordplay. I chuckled at the post title. Lovely photos as always. That water is so still, the reflections are mirrored so well.

    I hope all is well with you in your world and that your time away is for something wonderful. But I'm sending best thoughts your way.. just in case you need them.

  6. What magic world you did find.

    Please have a good time.

  7. Nice, Nice!

    Thanks for stopping by my place...hope you'll be back soon!


  8. Enchantingly, magically beautiful; so soft, feathery, and delicate. Is that a little silhouette of a dog's head on the front of the structure? Wonder what happened to the original occupant?

    Have you seen the meme at Weekend Reflection. Check it out when you get a chance.

    Have a wonderful pause...

  9. delightful autumnal them all!!

  10. Well, if you're going to be away, maybe I could just shack up in the dog house there for a few days until you get back ? Gotta get away from the euro-zone for a while, may need a roof. I don't mind sharing with some goslings...

    Have a grand time wherever you may be...

  11. I see you didn't leave the key out for me while you're away (sorry about the smashed window)...your cellar unattended, and your secret stash of Kiwi tea are all safe with me. Truly.

    Love those photos too BTW. xx

  12. Wonderful shots!

  13. Thank you all for leaving comments here: They've made a lovely "welcome home" for me. I had a fabulous, inspiring and refreshing break. I unplugged from emails and blogs and plugged into the big city buzz of Montreal for a few days and came back loaded with digital souvenirs that will likely pop up in my Décolleté over the next few.

  14. At first I thought it was a human cottage, and thought how nice it was :)

  15. "pondly yours", you are so funny :-)))

    (and a real fairy of autumnal ponds, those colours are beyond gorgeous)