Thursday, October 6, 2011

I imagine that, in spite of the perks, it must be hard growing up in the shadow of a world-renowned parent.

Leonard's little boy grows up at age 38. I was listening to the radio this afternoon and heard a new song by Adam Cohen, and then I happened to come across this video tonight. Yes, it's a promotion of his new album, but I think it's an interesting video in itself. Makes me want to hear more of what he has to offer. How about you?


  1. Even more than his singing voice, his speaking voice sounds so much like his dad. He emulates him in many ways. Apples and trees.. and all that.

  2. Hilary,
    Yes, acorns and oak trees, not falling far from; big boots to fill; like father like son. Poor guy. No wonder it's taken him this long to claim his own voice, in spite of its' resonating in tones of his dad's.

  3. I totally loved watching that! Thank you for bringing him to my attention; I'm a huge fan of Leonard, and want to hear more from the son. How cool.

  4. Wonderful! I heard some talk of him on CBC 2 this morning, but I was a bit distracted and didn't really listen to what they were saying. I regret that now. As Hilary said, it is uncanny how similar he sounds to his Dad. I would love to hear him sing some of his Dad's music. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I loved it.

  5. Yes, it must be tremendously difficult to have people examining you all the time to see if you are like a parent. I would guess it needs careful handling, specially if the parent has a big ego.

  6. Finding one's voice - that's what life is all about. Love Adam's voice. Love your voice.

  7. His fathers work once moved me to tears. His son is a year older than me.
    Yes, they are amazing. Please have a good weekend !

  8. jann,
    Leonard Cohen was an icon of my youth. It's fascinating to catch a glimpse of his private life that was kept well away from the public eye at that time. And it's good to discover a "new" musician with a voice and songs worth hearing. I'm glad your curiosity was piqued.

  9. Audrey,
    Does one ever really listen to what they're saying on CBC Radio 2these days? But having Adam Cohen do a taped introduction to his new release did get my attention somehow. I'm so glad you enjoyed my "discovery" on You Tube. I thought I'd just run it up the flag pole and maybe a couple of Canucks, at least, might salute the post, so to speak. There are recordings of Adam singing some of his father's songs on You Tube. If you follow this link

    you'll get to Like a Bird on a Wire, and from there you can find a few other samples. Enjoy!

  10. Jenny Woolf,
    I think so, too--the sheer challenge of coming out from under a famous parent's shadow and trying to shine in one's own light must be an arduous task. But of course, that link is what draws a lot of the audience in the first place. Then it becomes, "Now that you have our attention, prove to us you're worth it." Only the test of time will tell, as it has with Adam's famous father.

  11. Driftwood,
    So good to hear you piping up here! Obviously you are not referring to my singing voice.

  12. Robert,
    To be moved by tears by a piece of music shows a great sensitivity of the soul, as well as a powerful talent in the composer. Isn't it amazing how music and lyrics can touch our very hearts and speak of its secrets for us?
    Happy, heart-warming weekend to you! May it be filled with happy songs.

    Robert--I'm unable to leave a comment on your blog in spite of several attempts, but I do look at what you post. The graffiti you posted tonight is so unusual!

  13. Yeah, life under the microscope, seems like relatively few children of the famous manage to get out entirely from under the shadow, spread their wings, and really fly high down totally original paths.

    Arlo Guthrie perhaps ?

    Maybe it's easy to be disappointed because one is expecting something at least as good as what the parent was creating. John Lennon's son seemed a bit of a disappointment to me... but then who could possibly approach his father's legend ? I haven't heard much yet from Adam Cohen's voice yet, will have to keep an eye out in the future... the future ? Wasn't that a song of his father's ?

    Have a rollicking good weekend...

  14. Owen,
    Yes, The Future, that cheery song that contained the appropriate lines,

    "I've seen the future, brother:
    it is murder...Repent! Repent!"

    Reminds me of certain black and white photos from many years ago taken in London by a young man, wondering, wandering blithely and blundering into his own future.

    Enough blathering--on with the weekend! But first, to sleep.

  15. Lovely.
    I have an album by Jim Croce's son, and it's wonderful...I like all these guys!

  16. Saj,
    Nice to see that the offspring are carrying on the torch of talent, isn't it. Sometimes kids just want to do/be whatever is the absolute opposite of what their parents were about. But talent will out. They might have been born with a guitar in their hands, but they still have to prove what they can do with it.