Thursday, June 23, 2011


I'm very shy about taking people's pictures but I do like catching them in passing.  It wasn't yet summer when I was strolling the streets of Montreal, but there were some sunny days hinting at the heat to come.

 Don't you hate it when you emerge from winter into the suddeness of summer, all pasty-faced and doughy looking?

Some people, though, are more than ready to splash out in the popsicle colours of summer.

And speaking of splashing, if it does get too hot, there are street fountains conveniently located to dash through or just paddle in.  Note the guy behind the water spurt in the centre of the scene taking a picture of himself with the crowd in the background.  Maybe he has a blog!

It's always pleasant to escape the hot city pavement and wander along a path in a leafy park,

pondering one's options

or walking one's dog while still in pyjamas.

These stylish ladies would never lose their cool, or wear flanelette pyjamas, no matter what the temperature.
I believe they are "Chanel-ing" their Parisian alter-egos.

And when one reaches or goes beyond a "certain age", there are always air-conditioned museums to wander through, contemplating the meaning of art while wondering where the washroom is.

While I was in Montreal I saw a great little documentary about a street photographer named Bill Cunningham.  He had his 80th birthday during the course of the film but seems to still be going strong, out and about every day, capturing pictures of folks that catch his interest to  publish in the NY Times.

It's a really enjoyable look into his life, work and character and it made me look at passers-by with a kinder, more appreciative eye.

And just what might you be wearing???


  1. Thanks for the artist's-eye view of Montreal and the introduction to Bill Cunningham.I suppose he says it all.....just keep getting on with what you enjoy and do best!
    I like the first image....the sculpture,and your photo.

    Enjoy your day!

  2. You've certainly captured the flavour of Sherbrooke St. in Spring with these great photographs. The window shots and captions are fun.

  3. What is tatooed on the arm of the pale ponderer and why does she appear to be so much more engaged with life than her seated companion?

    Nice photo of C.

    WV - sattedis . . . in the park, I think it was the fourth of July.

  4. Anonymous23 June, 2011

    Ah, a lovely stroll through Montreal! What was the crowd watching? Street performers? A concert in the park? Everyone looks very engaged.

    The short clip on Bill Cunningham was wonderful. Such a joie de vive that man exudes.

  5. Ah, what to say, with my head in a state of potato peel mush after 12 hours in the straightjacket factory handling curveballs...

    This is delightfully naughty
    You lead us on
    Into these teasing visions
    It reads like an Eliot poem
    You startle us into guffaws
    With polka dot pyjamas
    And chanel us
    into your river of laughter
    Yes, you are wicked
    You are daring
    You are darling
    As the old ones
    Pondering wondering
    Where the restroom is
    To gleefully pee
    While juggling
    Canes and raincoats and berets
    Cursing the cramped quarters
    No doubt
    Too shy to shoot people ?
    So you turn to manequins
    Hovering harlequins
    Wandering beauty queens
    (with bags full of baguettes)
    Windows from magazines
    Zebra dress jean jacket scenes
    Yes, you cast these spells
    Weave these webs
    Of wide eyed wonder...

    Oh dear, what brought that attack on, must have been something you wrote... and Mr Cunningham, he seems joyous, and indeed, a cunning ham... :-)

  6. You feed my appetite for seeing pieces of Montreal and for humour all in one post. Thanks for that.

  7. The usual - jeans, striped shirt & Birkenstocks. What is it with all the striped shirts in my closet?

    WV - croth - how fitting!

  8. I always watch Bill Cunningham's little videos on the NY Times website, but I didn't know about the documentary. Thanks! That kiosk looks so Parisian!

  9. Forest Dream,
    Good message that you picked up from Bill, to "just keep getting on with what you enjoy and do best." For some reason, a lot of people struggle against that very instinct. But it often takes time to discover one's strengths and passions, which can also change over time.

  10. Bonnie,
    I had fun on Sherbrooke Street, one day in bright sunshine, the next in wind and rain. I always zip up there when I can't take the crowds on Ste-Catherine.

  11. DCW,
    One's tattoo is a very personal matter and I didn't have the nerve to question the lady on her choice of self-multilation. Her male companion is repeating the ingredients of last night's supper while trying to keep it to himself and not let her get wind of it.

    Your outburst of song provided me with a burst of laughter--you got the accent just right!

  12. Audrey,
    I'm glad you enjoyed the stroll. The crowd was watching a dance exhibition of which I caught only a brief glimpse. It was a large group made up of all sizes and ages, though not a man to be seen amongst them. It looked a lot like the new exercise craze, Zumba, and everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time performing it. It was "free galleries" day so there were several arty activities going on.

  13. BrOwen,
    12 hours on the factory floor?!! I guess with baseball season in full swing back in the states there are plenty of rabid fans and team managers in need of star-spangled straight jackets, hence the ramped up production? Did one of those curve balls hit you in the noggin, sending you peeling off into an alternate universe at the speed of Spudnik, sprouting sweet patooty poetics --the effect of which have left me spuddering with delight! An excellent mash up of your words with my photos.

  14. Hilary,
    And the added health benefits are that it's all good for you and non-fattening!

  15. Driftwood,
    One can never have too many striped shirts or too many shoes...unless they're all Birkenstocks! But whatever you have on, you always look fabulous, darlink!

  16. jann,
    I'd never heard of Bill Cunningham before and was so delighted to "discover" him. I must remember to check out the NYT vids.--he does mention them in the film as being thrust upon him...but he was clearly up to the challenge.
    As many times as I've walked past that kiosk in Carré St-Louis, I've never been in to see what they offer, though I have seen people walking around with ice cream cones, so there's a clue.

  17. I admire that lady in her PJ's and uncombed hair -- exactly what I do on Garbage Day -- throw on a jacket and get it all out there. One must do what one has to do and to hell with
    lookin' good.

    WV: semetsp - half a teaspoon?

  18. Shirl,
    Uncombed hair and a jacket over your pjs? Well, okay, as long as it's only on Garbage Day!

    Would you use that semetsp with a demitasse?

  19. Ah good ol' William Sly Bacon...I like his stuff.
    You have such a great collection of photos here, and it's nice to see that the sun is out and the sky is blue somewhere!!

  20. Saj,
    You've really baffled me with this one--William Sly Bacon??? Oh! I just got it!!! Bill Cunningham. Duh. Sorry, it's still early here. Well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it like burned bacon to the bottom of the frying pan. The sky may be blue somewhere but it sure aint where I am now!

  21. still wearing my pyjamas too, though lazily in my room and not out there in the street, and despite the fact that it is already late afternoon (being sunday it might be an excuse, though who cares about excuses on such a hot summer day :-)

    about the Bill-video, i am struck again of how much photography has to do with obsession, one has to be obsessed with it otherwise it doesn't work, but perhaps this is true for every art?

  22. Roxana,
    I confess, it is not unknown for me to remain in my night clothes until 3 in the afternoon...usually when I am obsessing over an image in Photoshop. I never paint in my pj's though--I have rags I wear for that endeavour. I do believe, yes, that all art is made through obsession and that one really needs to be obsessive in order to make art. A personality disorder, perhaps.

    WV: pokemi
    pokemi if you see I'm still in my pyjamas in the afternoon!