Thursday, May 5, 2011

In the Pink

A very pleasant day in Vancouver this past March was spent wandering through the West End with an old friend, each armed with our little cameras and fuelled by a shared enchantment with the pink confetti falling all around us from the cherry blossom trees.

We were accompanied by the vociferous and squirrel-obsessed Arabella Hound.

No squirrels yet but the sniffing is good!

It was a bit chilly that day, but I imagined how lovely it would be to sit out at one of these street tables in the middle of summer, coming downstairs from my little apartment, if I still lived in the west end.

All the flowers, trees, and shrubs transform what could be a concrete jungle
into a charming and welcoming neighbourhood. 

You can see that family's do make their homes in this densely populated condoland, as evidenced by a father and daughter out together for an afternoon walk.  (Note the daffodils blooming in March, just the way things are supposed to be!  They've begun popping up out here on the east coast in recent days.  But lucky me--I get to experience two springs!)

This looks like a grandfather cherry blossom tree, or maybe a grandmother--I can't tell them apart.  At any rate, I think that's enough pink candy flossing for the moment.  We wouldn't want to have too much of a good thing now, would we? Besides, Arabella is getting anxious to find some squirrels. 


  1. We have the same cherry but ours does not bloom until late April. I love the piles of pink petals on the ground.

  2. Anonymous06 May, 2011

    How friendly and soft feeling a neighbourhood it seems to be. Thank you for this nice escape. Please have you all a good weekend.

  3. Such pretty pink confetti! You sound a little nostalgic...

  4. Patricia,
    Isn't it fun, the pinkly carpeted pavement down Cherry Blossom lanes!

  5. Robert,
    It is a vibrant and colourful area of the city...not really as soft as it appears here but the lovely flowers do give it that effect. I hope your own weekend will have you feeling "in the pink"!

  6. jann,
    oh my...sounding nostalgic? are my roots showing that much?!

  7. Nothing like the sheer beauty of cherry trees in bloom! Their blurs of pink gracefully sweep the ground, and you feel you're in an enchanted forest (or city). Now everything is popping in the northeast! However, it's nice to be reminded how beautiful the cherry blossoms were--Thanks, Lynne. Love ☺

  8. Looking on the bright side,two Spring's must be good so long as the sun shines!
    My dog is keen in squirrels too,especially the one which tries to steal bird food in our garden.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog.Today the lilac and rhododendrons are past their best,they bloom for such a short time.

    Enjoy your Spring!

  9. Margaret,
    Everything's popping in your northeast while my more northeasterly realm is just beginning to bud. But tiny leaf shapes suddenly appeared on trees today, so the "popping" stage must be not far behind! I needed this little reminder of cherry blossom time, myself, to tide me over. Glad you enjoyed being swept along on the pink ride.

  10. Forest Dream Weaver,
    Two springs are very much appreciated, yes--in spite of the fact of an overabundance of rain and unseasonably cold temperatures experienced on both coasts! Another month and our lilacs and rhodos will be blooming...unless they lose their nerve from these chilly days.
    Our dog used to be obsessed by pretty much anything that moved.

  11. Anonymous07 May, 2011

    Oh how I miss Vancouver! Thank you for posting these wonderful pictures of it.

  12. Audrey,
    I know exactly what you mean. I've spent much of my life missing Vancouver, though when I was younger I couldn't wait to leave it. If you haven't been there in yonks, there are areas you wouldn't even recognize. Sometimes, downtown, I feel like I'm in some unknown city, somewhere else altogether.

  13. Jeez, I must have QWuake Brain. I'm sure I called here yesterday and lefta comment, and it was incredibly witty and everything...anyway, love thse trees, so cheerful, natures 'confetti'!

  14. Saj,
    Your original witty comment must have got buried under the half inch or so of fallen cherry blossoms that have accumulated in the comment box area. I think our BrOwen may be buried under there as well. Perhaps, in fact, he's lying on your comment, drunk on fermenting blossoms. I'm so pleased you waded back in to leave another calling card.