Sunday, March 27, 2011

Technical Difficulties

I am experiencing technical difficulties with Blogger. It's posting my photos at approximately the size of a pin head, and I can't zoom in on the angels dancing on top of it to find out how many there are and solve that age-old mystery.
The same problem's happening on my other blog, Ragzedge.
If you don't hear from me for awhile, you'll know why.

Please stand by. (there is actually a photo posted below!)


  1. Oh I wish you luck !
    My friend Peter in Paris has tremendous problems with his blog last week, I wonder if yours are similar? His blog is
    Perhaps you'll find some answers there?

    Other option: Could it be that you've reached your maximum capacity on your blog? I solved that problem last year by creating another avatar which is a "new" contributor to my blog, hence opening new capacity.

    Good luck !

  2. Wow, that's really cool ! I clicked the pinhead to see if I could count the angels, and I got an invisible angel hanging out (literally) in a wet suit on a signpost by the sea. What's not to like about that magic ???

    Don't you just love it when things do not work as expected ??? And then you suddenly find that no amount of clicking on help forums will bring you any closer to a solution.

    Well, I will be most curious to hear what you find out about this amazing shrinking photo experiment. Are you sure it's not like something out of Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit... A pill that shrinks you, and your photos ??? Hmmmm, what have you been doing on that vacation anyway ?

    Maybe some malicious code weaseled or raccooned its way onto your page ??? I still can't figure out why an advertising page opens when I open my blog page, and then click anywhere on it.

    Have fun ! Have another halibut burger while you're waiting !

  3. Oh, and funny, just noticed that the photo from this post is visible in my sidebar in the icon for your blog in my blogroll... will wonders never cease !

  4. good luck with the technology and hope to see you up and running very soon...

  5. i clicked on the pinhead and could see the (slightly disturbing) photo of the invisible (wo)man.

    i hate the inexplicable quirks of technology suddenly refusing to cooperate, as i feel it must be my fault for doing something wrong, over and over again.

    i hope you can sort it out soon.

  6. We're in suspense, just like an empty wetsuit.

    WV - dettesse : a goddess who really dislikes something

  7. Note to All:
    Many other bloggers are experiencing this same problem and the "Blogger Engineers" (not to be confused with the Mouseketeers) are, apparently, working to find a solution. Nice to know I'm not alone, at least and that the glitch is through no fault of my own.
    Thanks for all your moral support!

    Thanks for your suggestions & commiseration. I will certainly keep that tip about creating another avatar as contributor for future use, should the need arise.

    I saw Jeff Air perform White Rabbit, among other nifty tunes, way back when! I wouldn't mind having a pill that would make me about 20 pounds smaller, but no such luck. Meanwhile, I will take your suggestion and have another burger, just for the halibut.
    PS. Aren't you the clever clogs for clicking on the pinhead picture and finding the missing angel! Odd about the sidebar apparition. I hope you won't sue me for false advertising.

    You're not likely to see me running, unless in a sudden sprint to catch a bus!

    Technology can be friend or foe. I was at least reassured to find out that it wasn't something stupid that I was doing. Isn't amazing what we can read into glitches...and photographs.

    Sorry for leaving you hung out to dry like this!

  8. Wow! It turned out to be a pristine photo of a wetsuit hanging from all sorts of cautionary "do not do" signs! That's probably how he lost his wetsuit!
    Remember Saj's "enbiggen" notice under her photos? Maybe you'll have to borrow that!

  9. life's good.

    what a challenge indeed. various problems around so it feels, over here as well. so far, do not know how to enable pictures to be enlarged, if they are not above the writing.
    wishing you a wonderful tuesday and of course a soon solution as well !

  10. Well, being used to lifes inconveniencies as I am..I had another wine and I'll call back laetr when its fixed. xx

  11. Margaret,
    Yes, the "enbiggen" solution! Should have thought of that.

    Thank you for your commiseration. I hope you demystify your own blogging challenge as well.

    Life's a bitch, and then you have wine.