Friday, February 25, 2011

Have You Had Enough Yet?

It's been wonderful getting so many appreciative comments about the snow photos I've been posting, but as the village locals are remarking to each other in the street, "Have you had enough snow yet?" 

This gives a new connotation to the word "snowmobile,"  as well as some idea as to the amount of snow that has fallen.

 The local hardware store is taking on the look of a catherdral pipe organ with its display of icicles.

The village dress shop is having a bit of trouble keeping its window displays visible behind the mounds of snow, but the sidewalk and stairs are always kept hopefully cleared.

I believe the folks who own the old-time garage, seen below, have climbed a ladder to the roof and are sending signals to their home planet to beam them back.

Either that, or they're participating in the latest winter craze of shovelling one's roof.

Our friends' house is sporting some jaunty epaulettes these days,

while their barn wears a white toque, softly detailed with an organic design knitted in a tender charcoal hue.

But I think we should hurry home for some hot chocolate, or maybe something a little stronger, because--guess what--another blizzard is on its way!  Ah well, at this point, what's another 30 centimetres?

Blizzard Warning in Effect!

Cloudy. Snow beginning this afternoon. Amount 2 to 4 cm. Wind southwest 20 km/h becoming light near noon. High plus 2.
Snow at times heavy and blowing snow. Risk of freezing rain over southern sections late this evening. Amount 30 cm. Wind becoming northeast 30 km/h gusting to 50 this evening then northwest 50 gusting to 90 after midnight. Low minus 11.
Snow and blowing snow ending in the morning then clearing. Amount 2 cm. Wind northwest 50 km/h gusting to 90 becoming west 40 gusting to 70 in the morning then diminishing to 20 in the evening. High minus 10.


  1. as far as photos go, i love the epaulets one - wonderful perspective and colors.

    as for the snow, i'd had enough quite a while ago, but sadly that does not seem to have any effect...

  2. I'll be reaching for something a little stronger after we drive home from work through the white stuff - don't want to say the s word because it cuts right through me - are you ready? - like a sword.

    Hope you have a good weekend.

    WV fulou 'Tis the fulou season ~

  3. Such amazing and beautiful icicles. So sorry you're getting another blizzard, but maybe that means we'll be the beneficiaries of more gorgeous snow shots?? And just think how GREEN your spring will be.

  4. 8:00 PM, feet on coffee table, butt on soft chair, floodlights on outside so I can see the feathery swoops of the snow wildly wind-driven, Scotch on the rocks in hand. Life could be worse . . . And it might be tomorrow when I have to try to find the car. But for now all's right with the world.

    Hope it's the same chez toi.

  5. manuela,
    That's funny, about your attitude having no effect on the continuing weather.
    It's only weather, whether or not we like it; it is what it is. Sigh.

  6. oh this is incredible much snow indeed.
    i'll try to finish polishing the moon, reflecting as much warm weather as possible from over here.
    please have you all a good and easy weekend.

    daily athens

  7. Driftwood,
    I am so grateful to not have to drive, or even be driven, through snowstorms to or from work, or anywhere else for that matter. Poverty be damned!

    I know what you mean about the "something stronger" option. I intend to snuggle up with my friend Jack Daniels tonight to keep warm.

  8. jann,
    I'm happy if I'm still entertaining you with the snow and ice shots. Something good has to come out of all this white! I don't even bother taking my camera with me anymore. But I must admit, if one doesn't have to be anywhere, it is beautifully entertaining...even awesome, be able to sit back and watch the weather perform its white magic.
    Green? I remember green...

  9. DCW,
    Not too much different here, except for the floodlight, and bourbon rather than Scotch. Life could, indeed, be worse, specially when one considers the big plate of Greek poutine I just consumed for supper! But I need all the extra calories (ie.body fat) to counteract all this cold! Yup, live in the moment, for tomorrow we diet.
    That popular phrase from the
    1960s, "Can you dig it?" takes on a whole new meaning this winter.

  10. Robert,
    That is so wonderful of you to polish the moon for me! Don't beam too much heat at once, though, or the melting snow might cause a tsunami!
    A wonderful, peaceful, playful weekend is wished for you and your loved ones from me.

  11. Well aren't you just the lucky one !!! Snow, and blowing snow...

    I won't ask any potentially dubious questions about the difference between "snow" and "blowing snow", not sure I want to know... was it the Rolling Stones who had a line about a "blow for your nose" in one song somewhere along the line ? Where there's blowing snow there must be wind, I reckon...

    Sure you're not getting a little snow blind by now ?

    Your snowmobile is fabulous. Do you think the roof will cave in under the weight of tonight's storm on top of all the rest ? wow !

    I hope your woodchuck has been chucking wood as good woodchucks should... must be a challenge staying warm in such parts, other than by the easy solution of adding more anti-freeze to the hot chocolate.

    WV is "dasedsol"... if the "sol" part can be taken as the French for "ground", I guess your ground is already a bit dazed, and will be moreso by the time the night is out... don't blow away !

  12. BrOwen,
    I'm so happy you braved the blizzard and managed to blow in tonight! Let me just chip some of the ice off your face to put in your drink. I don't know the particular Stones' line you're thinking of, but "she blew my nose and then she blew my mind" is stuck in my memory bank. Here's a hanky for you, dear.
    :-) Oh, maybe they weren't talking about that sort of "blow".
    Snow blind?--if only I could turn a blind eye to it all! But really, it's quite pretty/impressive to watch, as long as not having to venture out or engage with it in any up-close-and-personal manner.

    The Woodchuck is keeping the woodstove stoked and the house cozily heated, yes. He enjoys it, and I enjoy reaping the benefits.
    We're cozy, and hopefully the electricity will hold.

    Would you like to share the afghan with Jack (Daniels) and me while we watch an entertaining and edifying documentary on raccoons?

  13. Ah, yes, of course, I'd love to learn more about raccoons; especially things like... how on earth do they survive months on end of heavy snow and freezing temperatures ? Do they hibernate, like bears ? Yes, I think that must be the Stones' line I was thinking of... now, can you please pass the jack ?

  14. BrOwen,
    The raccoon doesn't hibernate, it sleeps, very deeply, coming out only for food. The length/depth of sleep depends on the air temperature and availability of food. I know how it feels! It likes hollow trees, logs, barns and, I would say--abandonned houses. Toronto is the raccoon capital of Canada! In Japan, raccoons are destroying thousand-year old Buddhist temples so that even the monks have taken to trapping and killing them. If you'd like to see some raccoons in Europe, Germany is the place to go. Aren't you glad you asked?

  15. Hi Lynne! omg, I don't even know how you get about! I trust the roads are plowed. Your photos are amazing (as well as your whimsical comments! Well, the icicle pipe organ looked pretty real...). And more on the way!

    I truly love when the power goes out--fire in the fireplace, candles, piles of blankets--but if your well, phone, and sump pumps need electricity, your comfort zone kind of goes down. And then there's all that water hopefully not in the basement when it starts to melt... Well, we'll both laugh when we finally get that warm, luscious day at the beach one of these days! Bonne chance! Love, Margaret

  16. Margaret,
    Are you familiar with that old ballad, "Don't Get Around Much Anymore"? That's pretty much how it is with me this winter! The village and the city both keep the roads ploughed but the sidewalks are quite a different matter--to say nothing of our driveway, which is sometimes like a luge hill. You make power outages sound so romantic! It would be nice to have a fireplace, or if our woodstove was upstairs rather than in the basement. This blizzard dumped quite a serious coating of snow, but I've seen worse. Spring melt could get messy all right. But it'll be worth it!
    Love to you, too. Keep the faith--beach days will be ours!

  17. These icicles are beautiful,we've had a few in Scotland this winter,they're fun for a while but the fascination wears off after a while!Spring appears to be on it's way here (hopefully) --- when is it expected in Albert County?
    Enjoy your week!

  18. Forest Dream,
    I find icicles quite fascinating to look least from a safe distance. Lucky you, with spring making noises of appearing. It should come creeping into Albert County around mid-April, by my reckoning (glimpses of grass, a few brave crocuses, pussywillows, snow mostly gone). For those who are native to the area, though, they recognize other, earlier signs that I dismiss, such as longer daylight hours, shorter snow storms, and the odour of melting dog poo.

  19. Happier than a ring tailed lemur !

  20. BrOwen,
    Leapin' lemurs--that's a different kettle of fish!