Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You Know You've Got Cabin Fever When

you start taking pictures of your kitchen appliances

you're feeling about as bedraggled as the last sorry vestiges of the summer basil

the idea of making a self-portrait in the coffee pot seems brilliant.

I hear my neighbours are planning an intervention for me tomorrow.


  1. Love that Coffee Pot and You...must be all that snarting but you seem rather snart to me! My WV is undsons which I'm thinking might be male undies but I'm not too sure...

  2. but it is a brilliant idea indeed, i love the last picture! and the colourful bowl also caught my eyes :-)
    kitchens are such wonderful spaces, where intimacy can develop more easily than anywhere else, don't you think? the act of preparing and sharing food, such a great act of love, perhaps really the primeval one...

  3. Picture-taking and cooking are good kitchen ways to celebrate the indoor preference during the cold snap. Send some of the cooking our way . . . You must remember this, a quiche is just a quiche . . .

  4. Sometimes focusing on a little pot helps a lot ~

  5. Fun, bright photos & I think your "cabin" looks like a charming place to have a fever. Thanks for inviting us in for a peek!

  6. Let me know if you'll be requiring a straightjacket or two, we do have some very nice pastel models which could blend in with the decor, and the Valentine's Day model will be out very shortly with hearts and chocolate epaulettes. We could do a special model with some chocolate sequins as well, which could be nibbled by all the new friends you'll be making soon... if the roads are cleared that is... if you get more snow, it may be hard to get to you... then the cabin fever will really set in...

    Seems to me I read a short story by Maupassant a while back about cabin fever... I don't think it had a happy ending...

    Be well big sis, Spring is on the way...

    PS WV is "sisteri", seems somehow appropriate... Thinking of Lynne and Saj put me in a sisteri state of mind...

  7. But they are very shiny kitchen appliances.

  8. Saj,
    Better snarting than snorting, I guess. I like how I look so long in the coffee pot.

  9. Roxana,
    My grandmother used to have a little wall plaque in her kitchen that said, "No matter where I serve my guests, it seems they like the kitchen best."

    I do love to sit and watch my man cook up a storm! And he loves to make food to share. I agree that the kitchen is really the heart of the home. It's so hard to rouse oneself and one's guests from the dinner table once the dining's done and move to another room with softer seats and tidier ambience.

    I have the kitchen table that was my parents' when they first got married. It has come with me across the wide expanse of Canada several times. In my younger days it was the centre of countless cups of teas and consultations with girlfriends as we diseccted the latest romance or lack of same, pored over cards to read our futures, snacked on fresh-baked muffins and ever more pots of tea.

  10. DCW,
    Make no missed cake about it, a pie is just a pie.

  11. jann,
    Yes, at least the "cabin" is colourful and cozy. That's pretty much what keeps me tied to this crazy winterland. Lovely to have you stop by. Did you bring any Italian pastries?

  12. Driftwood,
    Would that be medicinal pot?

  13. Owen,
    I love the idea of those chocolate epaulettes! I think the sequinned version would suit me...as long as they're dark chocolate seqins.

    The straightjacket would double as an exercise suit if one had to bend forward, backwards, sideways, and generally contort one's body in order to get at the chocolate doodads. Another selling point--eat chocolate and lose weight!

    I do understand that spring is coming...eventually...by and by...in a couple more months but, frankly dear bro, the worst is yet to come!

    I had a de Maupassant phase sometime way way way back in my youth...perhaps I should revisit. Am presently reading The Book of Negroes. A real page turner. Learning a bit of Canadian history at the same time.

    A word of advice: Do be sure to check on the customs taxes before mailing any straightjackets this way.

  14. Mme. DeFarge,
    Here's a household tip: Photoshopping a picture of an appliance is much more efficient than actually cleaning it!

  15. PS Saj,
    Is looking "snart" to you a good thing?

  16. Rarely a place as honest and real as a kitchen indeed. Great photography ! While the kid was growing up, I spend a lot of time with him in the kitchen, cooking, preparing tea etc., letting him smell whatever was reachable. He now eats and drinks nearly everything. Yes, surely a great place for and of life. Please have you all a wonderful Wednesday.

  17. Robert,
    What a wonderful image that brings to mind--you and your little boy together in the kitchen, cooking things up, sniffing the aromas, appreciating how food appears on the plates. Too sweet! A papa and his little boy in the kitchen: the world could use more of that!

  18. i loved this series, and especially the elongated self-portrait - i recently watched the lord of the rings movies making-of (i'm fascinated by behind the scenes making of's), and your self-portrait seemed taken right out of there - they used all sorts of means to convey differences in scale between hobbits and other creatures, but never thought to use kitchen appliance reflections :)... phew, so many words to explain a moment's dislocation.

    i'm glad to hear of the intervention being planned - hope it goes well!

  19. Manuela,
    I know what you mean about "the making ofs"! They're often better than -or at least as interesting as- the actual movie. My partner has the full Lord of the Rings DVD set so I've seen ALL the extras.

    I used to be fascinated with the "other world" deep in the mirror when I was a kid. Perhaps why I like to gaze into coffee pots and bathtub faucets these days. Alternate realities.

    The "intervention" today went very well, thanks, and included used clothing stores, auto parts & mechanic supplies, and a Dollarama--just to name a few of the highlights.

  20. so delighted to read the wonderful description of your old kitchen table (and all that has happened around it for years)

    thank you for sharing these memories...

  21. Looking snart is absorootly a good thing!

  22. Your home is so colorful and bright. I'd have taken it for a seaside vacation home. I was especially attracted to the lovely pink flower paintings on the walls. I think the coffee pot self portrait is a great idea. One can never predict what an artist will come up with when a hint of boredom tries to creep in.

  23. If your name was Sally, we might have called you : long and tall !


    But since your name is Lynne, guess we'll just have to settle for : Long Lean Lynne...

    Now just imagine Paul McCartney howling out "Long lean Lynne..."

  24. BrO,
    Long Lean Lynne?
    Not destined to be in the Top Ten.
    Too much of a tongue twister.
    McCartney's teeth would fall out trying to sing it.

  25. Oh my, and now it seems there's been a posting which we are not allowed to comment on, but as they say in French, if we can't get in through the door, then we'll come in through the window, even if the cabin is snowed in.... snowed in ten feet deep...

    I had a dream just now, I dreamed I was hearing a voice of crystalline purity, hitting high pure notes unbelievably liquid, daring to create her own harmonies, the rythym of a simple acoustic guitar pushing it along, visions of mountain brooks bubbling over rocks in secluded valleys, that high pure voice coming out of the clouds like dazzling rays of sunlight to bask in, to bask in, to doze in, to dream in, yes, I had a dream just now...

  26. Oh no, so Paul too now has replacement teeth... what we have to look forward to !

  27. BrO
    So you came in par la fenêtre? I hope you had a silver spoon.


  28. Roxana--
    You're welcome. Maybe some day we'll share a cuppa at this very table!

    Okay, then, I'll be a snarty pants with pride.

    Sorry I almost missed replying to your comment but I was distracted by the noise of someone trying to hop in through my bathroom window! You're right about it being colourful around here--as Joni said, "I am a lonely painter, I live in a box of paints." The flower paintings are part of a series I once did, "Flowers for Healing" and they do really brighten up a place—as well as lasting much longer than a florist's bouquet.

  29. hmmm, if it's ok I think I'll keep on listening to Priscilla Ahn, rather than the bathroom window ode you suggested... she is far more soothing for the soul...

  30. Owen,
    Would you mind if I listen along with you? I feel the need for some serious soul soothing ...

  31. PS Just saw a young queen on another page not far from here, it was love at first sight... I was down on one knee, babbling things like, "Your highness"....

    PPS Just discovered that a friend from highschool has started a new photography blog recently... imho his work is awesome, he's a guy after my own heart, or me after his, whatever. I was able to meet up with him in September for the first time in some 30 years... take a peek if you have a sec...

  32. O
    The little queen has left you a message. Arise and go forth to receive it...

    Your old friend's photography site looks absolutely intriguing. I will be going back to look at the details, for sure. God, America/the American way of life is such a mess.