Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dream a Little Dream

©L. Ciacco, Hut in Calabria, 2007

Maybe I'll disappear into my little dream hut, live on cheese and wine to invoke some visions, and not emerge until it's spring


  1. This idea will only work if the temperature is above freezing!

  2. Patricia,
    Good point! But as it is a *dream* hut, maybe I can also conjure a woodstove that won't go out till spring has sprung in all its warmth and glory. A well-stocked stove that I don't have to tend. Or maybe a handsome woodcutter who comes by to keep my fire going? No, wait...I'm getting off track here.

  3. I suggest that you hold that thought!
    Thanks for popping by for a visit and for all your thoughtful comments.

  4. I hear Mamma Cass accompanying the cheese and wine tasting.

    WV - "unstater" - perhaps I shouldn't comment?

  5. Patricia,
    Note to self: "Focus!"

    Always a pleasure to see what you're creating.

  6. DCW,
    I did, in fact, search out some Mama Cass versions of Dream a Little Dream, but the version playing in my head was far superior.

    "unstater"?: eat your words!

  7. Che bello! Your little dream hut looks like the ones that farmers have here in Sicily, too. Do you think your little hut has an internet connection? Or maybe you won't really need that if you've got the woodcutter...

  8. the little tree looks like a small child to me. indeed a dream place to be so it seems. and yes, getting somewhere until spring arrives, what an alluring hope !

    please have you all a wonderful start of the weekend.

  9. jann, internet connection...this dream hut thing is getting more complicated than I anticipated. But no! No internet and especially no woodcutters!
    Dreams and visions only need apply (and I don't care how much of a dreamy vision that guy with an axe may be).

  10. Robert,
    The tree as a little child--what a sweet image that is--trailing innocent dreams and hopes. Maybe I can return to such a state myself, whilst in the hut. I hope your weekend is one that proves refreshing for you.

  11. the isolated hut looks a great place to hide away and write - i am having a cheese and wine fiesta tomorrow - sounds stuffy and British - but i love wine and I love cheese!! Greetings from mexio

  12. Catherine,
    "Greetings from mexio"??? I think you must have started on the wine already! Good on ya (as they say in the Maritimes)

  13. Doesn't look like the place has a lot of windows either, might be pretty dark in there, unless there are some skylights we can't quite see ? But maybe it's just the cover up for an entrance to a vast underground palace there, built into the hillside, and the mansion on top of the hill which must have been there is just the tip of the iceberg. Several woodcutters work year round to keep all the fireplaces blazing away... wine and cheese abound... as well as canvas, easels, brushes, cameras, darkrooms, computer rooms, high speed sattelite connections... etc. etc.. Oh, and there's surely a frog pond there somewhere, a very muddy frog pond...

  14. BrOwen,
    you're on to me and my wily ways! (Ssshhhhh). Like in that Beatles movie (Help?) when they each go into unassuming looking separate front doors but once inside are together in a single, splendid mansion.

    But really, I am fascinated with small, compact living spaces. I know I would make it cozy in there. The simplicity--the lack of clutter and collections--would be divine. However, as soon as darkness fell, I'd probably be frightened out of my mind. Maybe I'd better call up that woodcutter after all. Oh, phones. Maybe yelling will do...Hellooooooooo?

  15. Looks like a Hobbit or two would live either there or certianly nearby...loving the mossy wet green colours tho'. I can help you with your wine cellar....(not that I'm a Hobbit either, I will have you know I am 5ft 4")

  16. Do pop out and see us sometime if you do live in your hut. And take plenty of cheese.

  17. Saj,
    5'4"?? Is that with or without your heels? I thought all Hobbits lived down your way? We'll have to get our BrOwen to dig the cellar before we can start stocking it. Let's just have a sip while we watch him work, shall we? Careful not to bump your head on the ceiling!

  18. Madame DeFarge,
    Oh yes, I'll have to pop my head up from time to time to sniff the air and see if it's spring yet...and see what sort of shenanigans the blogworld is dishing up. I'm looking into arranging cheese and wine delivery to my door as I understand the woodcutter's brother has a catering service. Now I just have to build a door.

  19. Eeeeekkk ! So I'm relegated to digging the wine cellar huh ? You know, I'm all for reverse stereotypes, I think women are just as capable of heavy labor as men are, just look at the labor you all do to put us out into the world in the first place !

    I propose we rent a backhoe with an operator, that way we can all sip some wine while watching him/her work the backhoe... what do you think ? We'll just helpfully call out instructions...

    And I agree with above, it does look like hobbit country... and 5'4" is practically hobbit size, right ? Maybe Saj can be our hobbit ! I always wanted to have a hobbit or two around...

  20. Oh, and that was a sly one to slip in a music video a day or two after the fact, sort of like re-writing history there...

    But I guess we can find it in our hearts to forgive you, after all, it is your blog...

  21. BrOwen,
    Well, bro, looks like another one of your wishes has come true: 2 Hobbit-high sisters for you! I'm only 5'2"! That's why the snow looks so deep on me.

    Backhoes, woodcutters, wine and cheese parties...sheesh. I love how nobody gets the whole concept of being alone and on a vision quest.

  22. BrO,
    all history is rewritten, in one way or another.

  23. Yay, let's have a party then? (No reason, just because my WV is [party]

  24. Saj,
    OK, OK, I know when to give up and just go with the flow! So much for my retreat. Party on!

    (do you ever think the WV is spying on you?)

  25. Ah, louciao... days gettin longer even 'ere.

    Winter's over (if you want it.)





  26. The other John L. song would perhaps be more fitting: Imagine.

    If weather was made by "want" or "wish" I would have none of winter.

    At least the 4 days in a row of snow that we've just had didn't evolve into 5. On the bright side, yes, the daylight is lingering longer...illuminating the snow.

  27. but what if:

    Winter loneliness
    In a mountain village grows
    Only deeper, when
    Guests are gone, and leaves and grass
    Are withered: troubling thoughts.

    (Minamoto no Muneyuki)

    (then you will come back sooner, to our joy, but who can believe we would let you disappear for that long! :-)

    such lovely colours!!!

  28. Roxana,
    Come rescue me, bearing shovels and hot tea!

    With the world gone white and grey and all shades of non-colour, I needed to seek refuge in that brilliant springtime green...just for a spell--and in the dark warmth of my own imaginings. But I recently dreamt of a tarantula so I think it best I heed your call, and that of this little blog family, and return to the snowy realm!