Sunday, January 16, 2011

Colour my World--Please!

Winter continues to blow, if you know what I mean.

I'm feeling colour deprived.  I'm feeling housebound.  I'm feeling like it's too cold to venture outside. 

Not able to afford a winter-getaway vacation (or better yet--a permanent move), I lost myself in Photoshop for a few hours today...

starting with this vibrant beauty I rediscovered, tucked away in a file

and somehow segued into this mix of swirling colours and texture...

© 2011 L. Ciacco, Fish Pond Exotica, Digitally altered photographs

which, in turn, transcended reality
and morphed into an exotic tropical pond of fish and foliage.

Aaah, that feels better. 

Now all I need is a tall glass of one of those fruity rum drinks
with a little paper umbrella sticking out  above the rim.

Well, a girl can dream, can't she?

Thanks to my friend, Dave, for letting me use his picture of koi (even if he no longer recognizes it).


  1. How impressive a work. Swimming in green, colour of hope, for sure in much need, over here as well; even though temperature at least trice that much outside, than it is inside a fridge.

    Since Dec.'06 I haven't seen snow. Thank you very much for the memories.
    Please have a good start of the new week.

  2. Are you sure there wasn't something in your coffee this morning ???

    Seeing fish swimming in your flowers, now that takes some serious quantum leaps of imaginative travelling... But if anyone is qualified for such a visionary quest, I guess you are the one.

    And if you don't go out, you don't even have to worry about putting your teeth back in... anyway, after what Saj said happened, I guess they are going to need some adjustments before they can start clacking merrily away again.

    Actually, I do rather like the third version here, it really seems to be alive, the eye wanders around it, looking for somewhere to settle, and ends up following the swirling fish while absorbing the glowing greens and blues in passing, and one white fish sets one to dreaming of white whales and adventures on the high seas...

    Now, what was that you were saying about winter ???

  3. Robert,
    I have plenty of snow photos in the deep freeze. Coming soon to this blog! You will be frosted with nostalgia when you see them. Here, it felft like -17C with the windchill factored in today...and it seems it's always windy where we live. Tomorrow forecast to be colder. Brrrrr!!!

  4. BrOwen,
    White whales and adventures on the high seas? Extrapolated from a peony and few koi? Never mind what was in my coffee this morning: You've got those sailor's eyes focused on distant, imaginary horizons again.
    Is it cake yet? Is it cake yet? Is it cake yet? Will there be party games? I hate party games. But I love cake!

  5. BrO,


  6. The koi with the green leaves behind? Heart-stoppingly gorgeous. Oh, my, you're good with photoshop!

    Your white world outside is so pretty (from your photos posted last week), but I can see how after a week of so of that you start to crave color!

  7. my those koi are beautiful - and made more beautiful

  8. Having taken a run at 5:30 this morning without checking the thermometer first (-18), your fish and flowers warm the heart (and all other parts frozen).

  9. Some very pertinent questions in that video... !

    Did you ever see a goose kissing a moose down by the bay ???

    Did you ever see a whale with a polkadot tail ???

    Thanks for that refreshing little break ! I feel much better for having wiggled my waggles away, stretched my stretchies out, and yawned all the sleepies out...

  10. jann,
    After a week or so of white? Try me 3 months from now!

  11. Lulu,
    I am all about gilding the lily! Or the gold fish, as it were.

  12. DCW,
    A severe case of popsicle toes? We'll leave it at that, shall we.

    Best not to check the thermometer before going out for a run at this time of year...or in my case, best not to go out for a run. Ever.

  13. Hey, BrO--
    What are big sisters for.
    (that is not a question)

    That's funny that you watched the whole thing was mainly for the Baby Beluga did get that didn't you? I wish you had a computer camera so I could have seen you wiggle your waggles out.

  14. Trust me, I'm failry sure that we don't need to see our Bro wiggling his waggles in or out!

    Loving the photos tho', very clever. Of course.
    Now, there's a drink on my bar with your name on it...

  15. Saj!
    I hadn't thought of it in quite that light. Ahem. Indeed. Quite.

    I'll be right over for that drink!

  16. Oh wow the fish oh wow the fish oh wow the fish oh wow.

    The fish.

  17. Hey Tatty,
    Did you notice the fish by any chance?

  18. Dear Saj ! I'll have you know, my wiggles are quite waggable ! Hmmmppfffff !

  19. Owen & Saj,
    I'll leave the two of you alone to wiggle out of this one.

  20. NO, not while he's wiggling his waggler!!

  21. Saj & Owen--AGAIN!
    LA LA LA I can't hear either of you!!!
    I think I better get a wiggle on myself and get a new blog post up.