Friday, December 17, 2010

Gone over the edge

If you happen to be looking for me...

take this bike and ride on over to Ragzedge


  1. You've made that bike look so appealing--definitely want to take it for a spin!

  2. jann,
    I wonder if there are many bicyclists where you live in Sicily. I imagine the cobblestone streets would make it a bit challenging...but it must be glorious to ride out on the country roads--it would be a matter of getting to them. Shall we give it a try?

  3. I'm afraid I can't ride a bike anywhere right now, too much damn snow on the ground, I'd fall over at the very first turn, and spill all the bottles out of that big pink basket. Yes, you know which bottles.

    ok, so what's going on over the edge where the rags dwell ??? And is it far to ride there ???

  4. BrOwen,
    Thanks for stocking up on wine at the dépanneur. There is never any snow in the Blogiverse, unless you want there to be, so you needn't worry about getting tipsy on the bike... Unless, of course, you unscrew the cap on one of those bottles in the panier to sample the wares. Purely for quality control concerns, of course.

    FYI: Pierre, in the giddy days of our youth, used to ride his bike, carrying a large duffel bag of dirty clothes, to the laundromat through snowy, slushy city streets without mishap.

  5. Even though it has been more than a decade since last I sat upon a bike, I surely will give it a try.

    Please have you all a wonderful Sunday.

    daily athens

  6. Robert,
    Maybe you can ride on the handlebars while Owen steers and pedals. Or what is it they say about riding a never forget how. Just a few wobbles and you'll be off like a trained bear escaping from a circus!

  7. Oh that bike looks like it could tell a tale or two! I'm on it, and wobbling my way over so please leave the gate open, I haven't got the hang of the brakes!

  8. Saj,
    Brakes? What brakes! I'll stick BrOwen in the middle of the path to catch you as you careen towards the edge. Careful you don't ride right over h... Oh. Never mind.

  9. Crikey, that Bro of ours screams like a girl when I got his toady foot caught in the bike spokes!!

  10. Saj,
    Don't be fooled, that's just his toady trick to get extra pampering and an extra swig of the wine.