Friday, October 29, 2010

Writing's on the Wall

Heading west for awhile.
Montreal for a few days.
Vancouver for a few weeks.
Gotta get out while the getting's good.

See ya!


  1. have fun on your trip - I am heading off this weekend to Oaxaca for the Day of the Dead festivities - very unique!!

  2. Pleasant travels. Dip your toe in Burrard Inlet and give due reverence to T'sonoqua. She may give you problems, however, feeling that one wild woman in the woods is sufficient.

    WV cootowa - When the nation's capital is populated by idiots.

  3. Must be nice!!! Bon Voyage!

  4. Thanks to all for fine send-off!
    I'll keep in touch (maybe).

  5. How very much felt and understood. "Forced" meself an escape in mid November.
    A safe road ahead for you and a wonderful time as well.

    daily athens

  6. What's that ? "Maybe" ??? Maybe you'll keep in touch ??? How on earth do you expect us to survive for weeks on end without your witty repartees and rapier thrusts to the heart of every analytical dilemma ??? Well, here's one for the road...

    Oh, and now we see you've actually taken to scrawling on brick walls ?!?

    Have a fine trip !

  7. Lovely, can't wait for th epost cards. You will send them, won't you? Of course you will, you won't be able to help yourself. You will sit and worry, and perhaps chew your thumb nail wondering what we're all up to!
    Have a great time.Don't worry, BrOwen and I won't short sheet your bed while you're away. Honest. We won't. Maybe. :-)

  8. Hey Saj, do you think we should ? Or shouldn't ? Might be fun, no ?

    Oh, I feel so guilty tip-toe-ing around in here in the dark while she's away !

  9. BrOwen, maybe apple pir the bed too? Is it possible to applie pie an d\short sheet at the same time? Maybe we could stitch up her sleeves in a jersey?
    Oh, look...I think we have found her secret stash of.....sorry, just had an aftershock of note and I have completely forgotten what I was going to type here!! Oops. Maybe you can fill in the gap (so to speak)

  10. WARNING!
    The blog police are monitoring this site while the owner is away. Any severe and sudden shaking that intruders may experience indicate the arrival of the tanks and heavy artillery alerted by the sensors of your illegal presence.

    Nah, the shaking is just me laughing with delight at the shenanigans going on with my virtual (not to be confused with virtuous) siblings.

    e-postcard #1:

    Have been having a fattening time in Montreal, but have counterbalanced this with much walking, as well as shivering, in very cold weather that involved several hours of something that was disconcertingly white, flaky and thick falling from the sky.

  11. (I think she heard us, you stop playing dress ups in her high heels and as soon as she's gone we can sneak out of the closet....)

  12. Thanks Saj, it was about time I came out of the closet !

  13. Have a wonderful time. Excepting lots of interesting pics.

  14. Have a wonderful time. Expecting lots of interesting pics.

  15. Perhaps both Robert and Madame DeFarge have summed it all up:
    -forced myself away
    -excepting lots of pics (rather than expecting them)

    We shall see what we shall see. Big Sister sees all, silently.

  16. greetings lady - well, guess that should be bon voyage, lady! in any event, have been away a bit myself with this big move and getting settled again - but the boxes and their shadow stacks remain everywhere, although disappearing slowly but surely -


    oh, wow! the wv here was "lifea" -