Sunday, September 5, 2010

Paint, Pixels, a Porch and a Pooch

House painting for me is perhaps not quite what it is for most. 
For example, when I start out with something like this

I may decide I want to put some "Orton style" touch-ups to it

-kind of like air-brushing, without the air or the brush-

I might decide to try to change the hue completely

-still a bit of the underpainting showing through.  Guess a couple more coats needed here.

Maybe I'll tone things down a bit.

Do you ever have a project that sits there awaiting your attention for so long that it gets to looking a little neglected and run down?

Seems to happen all the time with me.

I set out this morning to tell you about the place where I met Harry the Dog a few weeks ago, as mentioned in my last post.

And this is indeed where I met him.  At the front door of that building I was messing about with in the above pictures.  See?  There was reason to my ramblings.

Harry is the official greeter at the local u-pick.
We went there to pick raspberries, but more on that another time.

Right now I've got to get back to my house painting.


  1. As there can't be anything like a "dark yellow", I'd love to see it in that colour, making it bright both, in- and outside.
    The small shop looks a bit like a fairy-tale to me, thank you.
    Please have a wonderful start into the new week.

  2. Robert,
    Interesting thought about "dark" yellow. I guess it would more accurately be described as deep yellow. Or intense yellow? I know what dark yellow is...I mean I have a concept of what the colour looks like. It's less bright. Not lemony. Not sunshiny. More mustardy.

    The small shop is about 150 years old, and it was moved to that site from somewhere else and fixed up to look charming. It is quite an enchanted spot, with fields of berries, flowers, and a gorgeous view of the river. A real discovery, even though I've passed it for years and years without ever venturing down.

    Have a good week! Back to lessons?

  3. Oh, I can see you're having too much fun ! Stickup Artist is eating donuts, Saj is getting shaken but not quite stir-fried, Steve is dealing with vomit, I've been running from stone dogs, running all the way to the crêperie, but here you are just blithely playing away with and old house and harry the dog... obviously having altogether to good a time...

    I love that badly distressed one. I'll bet Stickup's Ass would look perfect tied up there... Yes indeed, these are be-yoo-tee-full !

    Just so you know, I'm leaving tomorrow for three days of straight-jacket peddling in Germany, and then on Saturday I leave for three weeks of travel in the USA... Dallas, got a soft machine, Houston, too close to New Orleans, New York, got the ways and means, but just won't let you be... Don't know how much I'll be able to get on the blogs during that stretch, but who knows... we'll see where there's wifi there may be a way... So y'all behave yourselves, you and Saj and the racoons while I'm away, ok ?

  4. There is something magical about that house, it takes me to a place I have been before a long time ago, perhaps in my child-slughood imagination. I love what you have done to the place! May I have a nibble of one of those fine looking flowers please?
    Love, Mrs. Slug

  5. BrOwen,

    Harry the Dog wishes you "Arf Wienerschnitzel!" I myself would wish you happy trails but with Mrs.Slug right behind you on this post, mentioning anything to do with trails seems somehow inappropriate, if not downright slippery.

    So I will simply say, remember dear brother, where's there's a will, there's a wifi and where there's an aiport, there are postcards.

    I shall miss your presence but bravely do my best to carry on having fun for the sake of us all. After all, that's what big sisters are for.

    Lynne xo

  6. babbler,
    I'm so glad you appreciate my home renovating techniques. Amazing that you're able to take it all in from a slug's eye-view level, but I am learning a lot about slugs from you. I'm afraid I have not been very appreciative (ie. grossed out) of your species until having made your acquaintance. I think a nibble or two of some foliage and flowers would not be harmful to the scene (I can always Photoshop out the holes), so go ahead and knock yourself out (not literally, of course)! Thanks for sliding on by.

  7. I really like how this house looks like when the under-painting is showing through. It gives the wall a nice texture. There is nothing more sterile than a perfectly painted house.

  8. Davidikus,
    I do love texture. My true colours are shining through here. I'm glad you appreciate them. Thank you for the big detour you took to get here!

  9. Love the transformation of the house. The last one is my favourite, as it looks so aged and atmospheric.

  10. Mme.DeFarge,
    Doesn't it just make your fingers itch to knit a nice warm shawl for sitting inside the place on a chilly evening? I think a mauveish heather tone would be perfect.

  11. Love the placement of the dog's legs. And the stone steps. The building brings to mind the Joie de Vivre gallery in Riverside Albert (closed in 2007) in that it looks like a place one would want to spend some time.

  12. Yes, bravely carry on... this is good ! So your hair isn't too touseled from Earl's winds ??? A windy guy that Earl apparently... but better a little wind than actual movements that make the whole house shake !

    I propose a toast to sister Saj... and wish her well with the clean up part...

  13. Driftwood,
    It does resemble the old JdeV, doesn't it? The grounds of the U-Pick, and the view (one with which you are very familiar), to say nothing of the luscious berries that were calling to me, were so intoxicating that I didn't even venture inside the yellow building. Just another of those hidden secrets of Albert County (one of the better ones).

  14. Owen,
    Earl not only tousled my hair (the flirt!) he left me in the dark (the cad!). After the brunt of the storm had passed (a lot of wind and rain & our neighbours' tree down) we were sitting around congratulating ourselves on getting off easy in the hurricane dept. when the power suddenly went off. Just before nightfall. So I spent a pleasant candlelit evening sipping beer, knitting, and listening to the radio on my MP3. Thankfully, the electricity was back on in time for morning coffee. Anyway, this is a typical turn of events when Pierre is out of town.

    Be sure to catch your breath before knocking back that toast to Saj. You're a veritable one-man-band-on the-run these days.

    air kisses, mwah mwah!

  15. Love these photos, I fiddle about with picnik and always end up with several different versions of the same photo. Its fun!
    Not quite up to tippling in excess yet, I have enough trouble keeping my balance already this week....however, the aftershocks havent' been too bad today so we're hopeful they are wearing off. Very hopeful.

  16. Wow! The aftershocks are just wearing off now? That must be so unsettling. I'm amazed you were able to teeter your way over here, but I guess it's due to years of teetering- training after tippling. My suggestion is if it's too risky to attempt pouring wine into glasses because you wouldn't want to waste any in spillage should the world suddenly quiver, just swig it straight from the bottle.'re way ahead of me on that? Good on ya! (as in "Yah, that red wine definitely looks good on ya.")