Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Patriotic Slice

Let us (continue to) eat cake.
There will be fireworks in the ballpark tonight.
Mosquitos will have a feast.
I think 20 minutes of localized explosive patriotism is not going overboard;
after all, we are Canadian--
wouldn't want to make too much noise.

See how Canada got its name:  Understand why we behave like village people!

Put on your red toque, baby, 'cuz we're goin' out tonight!


  1. Surprise !

    It's me !

    How odd, fancy that !

    Mr Toad hopping over to take a gander at those red toques and pancakes with strawberries... very tempting all that...

    And it looks like your icon has changed back to the purple skull again !?! Yep, have a photo for that, will do it soon, and I haven't forgotten the zebra...

    bye bye, happy Canada Day... and did I tell you about the Canada monument I saw the other day... ? Will have to get to that too... so many fire hydrants, so little time !!!

    ahem !

  2. i am ashamed to confess that i hadn't had much interest in Canada before blogging, somehow it seemed a quiet (boring?) place where nothing happened. but chance or fate wanted me to meet truly wonderful people here on the internet - Canadians! and they have become dear friends and like that i have started to discover and learn a lot about your country, and i am so happy about that. now i am considering a visit (IF i can get the money, that's a big IF :-)

  3. Roxana,
    I know all too well about money being a big IF when it comes to doing a lot of things...and Canada is BIG,too. Where would you like to visit? I have a love affair with both the east and west coasts, as well as Montreal. I've hitch-hiked across twice (back when I was young and even more foolish) and driven (ie. rode) a few times with my husband, once with our 2-year old. I think we're about due for another crossing! Now that I'm armed with a digital camera, though, it could take a LONG time to make the trip.

    I have to confess in my turn that I know next to nothing about Romania, including its spelling (Roumania?). Blogging is opening up our minds in different, sometimes unexpected ways--always a good thing, no?

  4. wonderful thing!

    Romania is the spelling, it comes from "romanus" (in latin, inhabitant of Rome). actually in late antiquity the entire Roman empire was called 'Romania'. romanians chose this name to reinforce their latin origins, that's the common explanation.

    IF i can do this trip sometime in the near future, it will be Toronto and around, i think, my friends are there. but i'll let you know and i'll be happy if we could meet :-)
    for now it is more like a dream...

  5. Roxana,
    I used to live in Toronto...way back when. I loved it at the time and have returned many times to dash around to the galleries and see stage shows. It's a really vibrant city in terms of art and action...but for a beautiful city with soul, you MUST go to Montreal. I'd be happy to meet up with you there, IF I can afford it at the time. "Where there's a will there's a way!" My daughter lives there and she's a great one for showing off "her" city. (I used to live there, too.)

    Thanks for the info on Romania. I'm sure now that I have some small awareness of your country, new connections to it will start appearing in my life. You have definitely piqued my curiosity.

  6. cool red pics-what a lovely cake;-)

  7. mARTy,
    Thank you for noticing that it's CAKE and not pancakes as Owen described it! It's a simple, homemade, one-egger, but tasty--esp. with a big dollop of ice cream added on top.

    I'm glad you enjoyed seeing red.

  8. Remember seeing on TV a serie of a Canadian Mountain Officer -please excuse me for forgetting their names- very much. Applying senses while he walk riding throught the wide land was surely worth much a dream.
    May time and life continue to treat you all kind, and a great start into the weekend as well.

  9. @ Roxana,
    So nice to see you're getting along famously with Lynne here... even if she had doubts about how to spell Romania...

    Now, what's this ? A possible trip to Canada in the works ??? Well if you had to go to Canada, perhaps you'd have to fly via Paris, as I'm not sure there are too many direct flights from Budapest, errrr, Bucharest to Canada ? In any case, if you stopped in Paris, it would be really lovely to meet you, and at least catch a glimpse of the person behind the Floating Bridge... I hope that may happen one day...

    And Lynne,
    Were you to go to Romania, now that your curiosity has been piqued, you also might have to stop through Paris, and if that were the case, it would be wonderful to meet you too...

    But look at me, I'm such the bull in the china shop, barging into peoples travel plans here...

    Maybe Roxana could pack me in one of her suitcases though, and we could both come to see you in Montreal...

    Oh, and my deepest, sincerest apologies for mistaking the cake for pancakes... gosh, I thought they were two sort of thick pancakes with a nice layer of strawberry jam between them... I stand corrected... but if you could pass the platter, I'd like to try a bit, to see if they at least taste like pancakes with strawberry jam...

    So, is it a nation ? Or a village ? And do they have any cake there... ?

  10. Hi Robert,
    There was a very popular TV series (comical) on here in the mid-90s about a Mountie so I think I know the program you're referring to. We watched it faithfully and I think every woman (and some men) had a big crush on the guy who played the lead.

    Gee, the end to another week. I must admit they're all running together for me and it's hard to tell one day from another. I hope you can and that you enjoy them each fully and indivudually.

  11. Owen,
    I did look up "Romania" online before communicating with Roxana and the site I consulted said "Roumania" was an alternate spelling, hence my confusion. Those Romans sure got around; the Roumans, not so much.

    As Paris is the centre of the universe (at least according to Parisians), it's inevitable that Roxana and I will have to pass through it again at some point in our lives. Maybe even at the same time, who knows? And maybe even the Sagittarian will be along as well. And we can all bring laptops and sit around blogging to each other at the same table. :-)

    As for pancakes, the ones Pierre makes are almost the size of my cake there and he's going to make some tomorrow morning so he can slather rhubarb-strawberry-mint compote (not compost, note!) on them for breakfast. And it wasn't jam in the middle of the cake but freshly picked and squished berries from our neighbours' garden. We picked another gigantic bowl full today. Would you mind sending La Grenouille over so she could whip up a fruit pie or six? Too bad you have to work or else you could come along, too. I'd obviously have to put away all my china figurines, though, if you were along for the, trip.

    We are a nation of villages that live on whatever can be foraged at the Great Canadian Superstore (which I like to call the Stuporstore). And yes, they do sell cake there. Are you trying to suggest I should give up making cake myself and just buy one?