Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Horsing Around

Okay, let's keep the parade moving.  I've finally managed to free myself from the spell that the fairy in the previous post had cast on me and now I'm riding in here to pick up the horsing around where we'd left off.

I've heard that Even Cowgirls Get the Blues (which was, by the way, the first Tom Robbins book I ever read and which captured me as a fan of his writing to this day) but I'd venture to say that these horse women are feeling pretty hunky-dory on this fine summer's morning.

Not everyone can own a horse, but one can certainly exercise one's imagination.  Hands up those of you who used to gallop around when you were a little kid, pretending that you were riding a horse--or even that you were a proud steed yourself--slapping your behind and shouting "Giddy-up!!!"  Okay, maybe too much information there.

Let's not forget the little dudes who were also out there showing their parade riding skills, sitting tall in the saddle; or as tall as they could, being somewhat challenged in the height department as yet. 

Once the parade's over, time to put the pony out to pasture.

Or let him mosey off to the barn.

Here's something you probably don't know about me:  I love polka dot horses!  This one is more spotty than polka-dotty, but he's still a wonderful example of what could be called Old Paint.



  1. So thrilled to know that we share a passion! I have always loved horses with spots...pintos, fleabits, appalousas you name it! My favorite of all is the brown freckled ones just like the beauty in the final photo!

    Thank you for this fabulous post.

  2. Patricia,
    Fancy meeting you here! So, not only do we share a passion for paint, but for Old Paint type horses as well. Cool! Watch out for those road apples.

  3. Know very little about horses except that spotty ones are cool.
    Went to the Museum of the American Indian and lots about Apoloosas (spelling error).
    They are very lovely.

    ps Popeye rules.

  4. if you like horses you should go to Janelle's blog

    she lives in Tanzania and rides all over the place near Killamanjaro etc.
    much braver than me!

  5. Elizabeth,
    You and I have about exactly the same knowledge of horses! I was led around on a Shetland pony at a horse riding place every so often, round about the same years that I was watching Popeye cartoons after school. My only other equine experience was going to the race track with my parents when I was a kid. I loved picking up all the discarded, pastel-coloured losing tickets that were thrown on the ground. Only those in mint condition, mind you! I do think they're beautiful creatures, horses, but I'm a bit afraid of them.

    Thanks for the link to Janelle's blog, which looks fascinating. How is it some people get to lead such adventurous lives? Yourself included, I'd venture to say.

    Don't forget to eat your spinach!

  6. Anonymous28 July, 2010

    Even though " a boy " it was/is a favourite book of mine: Fury, the black horse - probably the second or third book I read.
    More than two decades since last found meself upon a the last picture very much. Please have a great Thursday.

  7. I once rode a small white horse by the name of Creamo and unbeknownst to me, he had been a trick horse and when touched on a certain place, would rear up. I found out the hard way, much to the delight of the stable boys.

  8. Robert,
    I love how my posts touch memories buried within your subconscious and allow them to float up and carry you away a bit. I vaguely recall "Fury--the Black Stallion." I think there was a television series of that name, but I've got it mixed up in my own memory with Black Beauty. I did cry over that story! I wonder if your little boy has developed a fascination with any particular animal as yet? I imagine you are imparting your great love of books to him already.

  9. Shirl,
    That was a pretty mean trick of the stable boys. I bet they gave you Creamo on purpose because you were cute. Did you feel like Dale Evans? I doubt that her horse ever reared. But Trigger was a pro at it! Did you manage to keep your seat?

    High-ho Silver, away!

  10. Oh I bawled my eyes out when I read Black Beauty as a child, and I know as much about horses then as I do now. We did have a brown one called Nicky, it stomped on my brother when he fell off and broke his arm so I assume they have a wicked sense of humour. And I once backed a grey horse in a race about 20 years ago, I believe it is still running...

  11. Not horse women, then, neither of us. Let's stay in the club house and order some martinis.

  12. Martinis ? Did someone say martinis ???

    Just the thing after a long long week at the factory ! Ah, you lifesaver you... I was ready to start whinnying for some wine, but martinis sound fine...

    As long as we don't have to start galumphing about slapping ourselves on the backside while grinning and eeee-haaawwwwing and snorting and prancing... yep, that was alot of information.

    But what I wants to know is what's that guy got in his white bulging saddlebags ???

    And the girl in the red hat... little red riding hoot ? err, hood... hmmm, better be moseying off to the bar before I say something inane, or would that be, imane ???

    PS gosh, it's only been a few days, but I missed this place...

  13. hello you and thank you so much for your words in my blog !

    love your pictures indeed the last one, beautiful !

    have a nice we and lot of kisses sweetie

  14. Hay, BrOwen!
    Nothing like the clink of martooni glasses to have you come a-runnin', slappin' yer own backside as you come prancin' and a-dancin' up to the post. As long as you're not slappin' anyone elses'(well, I can't speak for Saj).

    I think the dude with the white saddle bags is carrying more plastic bags in them for gathering his pony's road apples. You know how people are supposed to pick up their pooches' poop in public places? Well, no, I guess you wouldn't as you live in Paris where pampered puppies reign supreme and Parisians do not stoop for poop, but it's true.

    Careful not to choke on your olive, bro.

  15. Karine,
    Merci à toi pour la visite! Bit of a change from Ile Maurice,n'est-ce pas? But exotic in its own way, I guess.