Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sail Away

I sailed away to Vancouver Island for the weekend. 

It was sunny enough to sport my new shades.

The mountains rose from the ocean but thankfully did not erupt. 

Sticks, stones, sea.

I did find a totem pole...

as well as a totem of a different sort!

I wished I had an Orca I could sail away on.

So you see, I have been busy.


  1. Breathtaking view of the environment. Must have felt incredible to breathe and enjoy every sense.
    A wonderful Wednesday for you.

  2. Thanks for the memories.

  3. I'm glad nothing erupted!!

    Fantastic looking photos--the blurred edges of the latter ones are a really nice effect

  4. Hello Robert,
    It's always exciting to take the ferry to Vancouver Island when the weather's good enough to sit outside. The mountains and other small islands we sail past are quite breathtaking in their beauty. And the fellow passengers are fun to observe as well. I never tire of that 1.5 hour ride.

  5. DCW:
    Good to see you can still retrieve them! Maybe time for you and Driftwood to float west and make some new ones?

  6. Greetings, Art!
    What a lovely surprise to find you on this little journey. Thanks for your kind encouragement about my photos (I do like to play with them, not being a great photographer or owning a good camera, or even a photo-purist!)

    I've added your blog address to my sidebar so that I can get over to visit regularly.

  7. great journey....that skull imagery is everywhere here in Mexico

  8. Hi Catherine,
    Thanks for joining in on this little trip. The skull shown here is more akin to the Disneyfied pirate lore than Mexico's Day of the Dead. Aaaarrrr!!

  9. Hey ! There you are ! I knew you were off looking for totem poles !

    I'll be back soon, have had a little bit of hell going on at work of late because of certain things that have been erupting, which is sort of what the theme was in my last post as well...

    Hope you had a grand time sailing about in boats and otherwise misbehaving. Did that boat have a bar ??? Is that where you and Saj have been hiding ???

  10. Hey Owen,
    Unfortunately, "Aint Misbehavin'" could well be my theme song these days. But sailing about in boats and hanging with old friends and my biological sister was a whole lot of fun. (I guess if my blog sister Saj had been along a bit more misbehavin' would've gone down. However, as there is no booze served on the BC Ferries it might have been a tense ride for her.)

    So many bloggers MIA these days...for one reason and another. I'm torn between continuing or packing it in myself, or maybe repacking it into another blog-suitcase.

    Once you have the time to chase those dogs off your blog, I'll likely stop by there to leave my own mark there.

    Time here is at a premium as I try to cram in all sorts of last-minute must-do activities into the remaining few days on the west coast.

    Take care of yourself, bro.

    WV: prognapr
    Someone who kidnaps progs

  11. Oh dear, does that mean my charming dogs should be hidden away somewhere far from the light of day... they kept nipping at my heels and insisting they get their five minutes of fame...

    But even more "oh dear", you're not really thinking of bagging the blog are you ??? I guess such questions are bound to arise at some time or another in one's blogging career, but wow, what a massive hole you would leave, that could never be filled, for your wit and humour and grace are uniquely madlynnian...

    PS a lovely postcard just turned up this morning !!! Merci bcp !!!

    WV is "cheraps" ... now what on earth does that mean ??? I'm so brain dead after a week of digging out from under volcanic ash, I can hardly think...

  12. Wonderful photos...I wish I had been with you, but alas have been touring about my own country training feverishly!! BUT plenty of bars for me to can't give up blogging!! But if you do, at least I have your email address and you can't escape!

  13. Owen,
    Madlynnian? Wit, humour, grace? Gad. I think such adjective accolades tossed into the blog hole of my decollété from time to time are enough to keep me going!

    WV: spinyl
    As in "This is Spinyl Tap"

  14. Saj!
    Lovely to have you back on board, even though the ferry ride was a dry run. You'll be happy to know that I made up for lost (drinking) time once we reached land.

    Yes, I'm constantly tempted to throw in the blogging towel but (perhaps sadly), it's the most fun I have when I get messages from my peeps, such as you!

    Once I'm back in exile in the hinterland of New Brunswick I'll probably be keener to get on with blog life. Plus I still have some photos up my sleeve from my west coast visit that I haven't processed yet.

    Glad to hear you've got your training bra firmly in place and are doing the necessary research on local bars in the areas you visit! (someone's got to, and who better qualified than your good self?)

    Obviously, I can run but I cannot hide, so I might as well keep on blogging. Oh wait a minute...I can't actually RUN anymore either.

    Even if my blog is just a hangout for "family" gatherings from time to time, what more could I ask?

    Drink of the afternoon: pomegranate cider. All the BC ciders are wonderfully dry, not syrupy at all. I'm sure you'd approve. Cheers!

  15. Pomegranate cider? I am envious to the max!! I will now post a photo of the most recent cider I tasted...
    Oh, and love the sunglasses too!

  16. Ok, what's this about a training bra ??? Is this decorous ? Do you remember the bit in Tom Robbins Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates where Switters remarks about a training bra, "But what is it in training to do?"

    Or was that just a typo and it should have said "training bar" ? Where sister Saj is concerned, I'd guess it's "bar"...

    And there, Saj voted too, so it's two votes to zero, you can't stop blogging. Even my dogs are howling at the mere thought of you going off and leaving us in the blurch... which is lurch in blog-speak...

    Another night spent sweeping up volcanic ash... I'm done for, am off to dreamland for a few hours...

  17. Owen, BrOwen, Blowen.
    What am I to make of such a one?! The mere whisper of a training bra has you digging your way out of the ashpit and clambering over your ever-copulating blogdogs while almost falling asleep on your face at my blog stoop. Yes, I do remember Switters' preoccupation with said tb (I am using an abbreviation as I don't wish to be held responsible for what effect the repetition of the article of clothing's name might have on you, even as you sleep). And how he kept it with him, yes?

    Not decorous you say? Can you hear me through your dreams as I mutter about "the pot calling the kettle black"? I tell you, if I have to avert my eyes from those dogs in the little picture on my sidebar for much longer I'm going to call the SPCA to pay a visit to that Magic Lantern Show to round them up!
    Two votes to zilch, eh? So I guess that makes it unanimous that I should keep my décolleté up, at least as up as I can get it at this stage in life.
    Seems after a time all that training wears off.

    Too much information you say? Kind of how I feel about those damn dogs!

  18. Saj,
    I would miss these little family get-togethers and philosophical discussions if I sold out and moved away from here. Who says we can't choose our families!

  19. Busy indeed! If, however, you happen to have an idle moment you may want to take a look here:

    I thought of you the moment I saw this.

    Hope you are having the best time ever ~

    WV gless Short for God Bless

  20. Hey, Driftwood--
    Long time no see, hear, or read!
    I once took a Pamela Hastings (doll-maker) class through Joggles and really got a lot out of it. Unfortunately, my father passed away in the middle of it & I had to abandon the class so I never did finish the work.
    Online classes are a much more reasonable approach to learning a new technique than having to shell out the bucks on travel/accomodations in exotic climes all right.

    Thanks for thinking of me! Hopefully we'll connect in person one of these days.


  21. Ok ok, I can take a hint, no matter how subtle... the dogs have been chased back into the oblivion of past posts that get forgotten forever... but jeepers, I thought they were a marvellous illustration of Springtime activities in Nature... Now, how do we get to the training bar ???

    After reciting poetry all evening, and explaining the philosophical profundities of cedar shake siding, I'm THIRSTY !

  22. That is you, isn't it, Owen? For a moment, I thought I was seeing a ghost but it's just because you're all covered in volcanic ash. If you apply a little water and make it into a paste I believe it's very good for one's complexion (a particularly important consideration for a toad, such as yourself).

    I don't know if I should serve you any alcohol, BrOwen, if you've already got the shakes and are howling doggerel out there!

    Oh, what the hell. Would you like to try some well-chilled pomegranate cider? Sister Saj is keen to give it a go (but that's not unusual, is it!)

    Thanks so much for stopping by. Would you mind sweeping up your footprints on the way out?