Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Sometimes on the national public broadcasting television network when there are no paid ads but there is time that needs to be filled between programs, short innocuous (not to say vacuous) "interludes" are played.  These involve a mix of muzak and relaxing nature scenes. 

I've supplied a local scene here that I photographed last autumn and I'll leave it to whomever passes by to supply their own tune.  Or just enjoy the silence.




  1. Looks like a good place to build little fire and spend the night... and the music of the spheres is perhaps the only music needed...

    Although if Saj were to show up, I'm sure she'd have some other ideas about refreshments and entertainment...

  2. It could, indeed, be lovely, Mr. Toad, if you can only manage keep yourself from croaking.

  3. What a challenge you do provide, what an invitation, to come and build a ship of those trees. Maybe even an Arche. Taking seven stones with me, in order to step out the ship once reached again a shore.
    Wishing you in advance a nice journey and a wonderful Friday as well.

  4. Ah yes, Robert, wouldn't this be a wonderful place for your barefoot navigation to continue. Can't you just feel the sand between your toes, and the smooth warm rocks beneath your soles. This beach borders the mighty Fundy tides so, once you have your ship built, you can readily sail out on the high tide into the Atlantic Ocean.

    I wish you a safe, happy, and nourishing journey through the weekend, beginning with letting go at the end of Friday, of course.

    I will, indeed, be setting out on a journey myself, leaving for Vancouver on Monday. Going "home" for awhile.

  5. beautiful photos, in my head I was listening to atune from 'Cal' - potato picking I think it is called.
    I think a wander about there with a nice drop of red would be just fine and dandy!!

  6. My first thought was Debussy, my second was Crabbukit. My head needs some work.

  7. Hi Saj,
    Lovely you could join us on the beach here. Thanks for bringing some red; I was feeling a bit tense due to all the loud croaking noises Owen's been making for the past few days.

    Speaking of noise, could you hum me a few bars of "Potato Pickin" by any chance? I haven't heard of Cal and don't know the song, though it would be sure to be a big hit in this province, home to McCain's frozen french fries. Pass the bottle, please, luv.

  8. DCW,
    Maybe you could get a deal on getting your head fixed alongside your dented car? A package deal.

    Debussy, yes, cloudy watery dreamy. But some crabs from the "Crabbukit" will go very well with the bottle of red that the Sagittarian has so kindly brought along.

    Careful not to stub your toes while you're groovin' on down the beach!

  9. Note to self:
    I wonder if toad's legs are as edible as frog's legs. hmmmm....

    There are other ways than kissing a toad to make him shut the hell up.

  10. Oh dear, I can see I'm in serious trouble now... think this toad is going to go take a little break exploring some remote Siberian forests until the heat blows over... somewhere where I can CROAK loudly to my hearts content without any worries of having my legs chopped off, or worse...

    Have a GREAT trip to Vancouver... and please say hi to my cousins the British Columbia tree frog family...