Monday, February 22, 2010

Barnyard Blues & Postcards Home

I took a picture of our friend's old barn this afternoon.  It was sort of pretty, sitting there in a yard full of snow.  Yes, snow.  Still snow.  Always and evermore snow, it would seem.  Unlike in some places:
Vancouver, BC from whence my mother sent me a picture of the gardenia blooming in her garden
Christchurch, NZ where the Sagittarian is enjoying limes from her hot house
Nashville, TN where if the weather isn't always hot, the food certainly is
Not to mention certain other people I know of who have been lolling about on a south seas isle.
Well, here on the winterbit eastern Canadian coast, I do what I can to warm things up, adding a bit of colour however I might to a chilly clime bereft of cheery hues.

If you'd like to see 2 other Photoshopped versions of this picture, head over to Ragzedge.


  1. Oh lovely photos, I have to say I do really like the 'real' one? Snow? Oh joy, today we have 28 degrees and about time too. Now, squeeze that lime...I see that BrOwen is back too. We must behave ourselves again it would seem...

  2. To be honest it would be of much joy to be "locked" inside of that beautiful small house. Daring to say that I do miss snow with every sense i do own.

    Please have a wonderful Tuesday you all.
    p.s.: and yes, we do enjoy our oranges and lemons over here as well. yesterday were about 20 C during midday in the sun.

  3. Owning a barn and living in it would be such fun. I read somewhere that the old Prince of Wales and Wallace Simpson did actually do just that -- I imagine it was elegantly renovated, mind you.

  4. Sister Saj,
    I agree with you that the untreated photo is more appealing but I did have a good time playing with it in Photoshop. It's just like having a big box of Crayolas and wanting to use all the colours on one page.

    28 degrees--lovely! I will forgive you this because it is summer where you are. I can be gracious.

    We'd best put away the breakables now that BrOwen's back. And maybe put on our safety glasses while we're at it. And maybe an extra drink for our nerves.

  5. Ah, Robert, missing snow while consuming lemons and limes in 20 degree weather. Put another ice cube in your drink and perhaps you will feel better.

    I wonder if I will ever have the chance to miss snow. Or if I would, indeed, ever miss it. I must admit, though, that yesterday morning the countryside was absolutely gorgeous after the previous day and night of snow: all the trees were outlined with a thick white puffy layer, every little branch delineated. I grab at these rare moments of being able to find something to appreciate about winter.

    Happy Tuesday to you, too...although it's probably closer to Wednesday by now where you are. May that be happy, as well!

  6. Hi Shirl,
    Owning a barn and living in it would be the easier parts...the renos would be something else! That contract could probably keep a certain party going for the rest of his life. As for maintenance, I think a trapeze might be required for getting the dusting done in the higher regions. There could be some Cirque du Soleil types in need of work.

    I have seen magazine spreads of renovated barns and they are incredible. Ironically, the view from Dave's barn would be quite wonderful, but it's full of crap and without a window in sight.

    Hey, if it's good enough for Wallis Simpson...That was probably just their little summer cottage.

    Maybe P. and I can each set up a baby barn in your back yard and move in?

  7. Hey there ! I think you'd better be careful with that Photoshop stuff, you are starting to get so good at it you may never want to go back to straight images again... No, seriously, you're getting better and better, but I guess no matter what the tools used, it is the artist's eyes that count, perhaps the brain behind the eyes a bit too... I like both versions, shopped and un-shopped, the stark white snow really sets off the blue-grey barn. So, is that where you stowed all the breakables ? And all the liquor ? Is that why there's a big rock or something blocking the door ? And if I promise to be on my best behavior for a while ?

    But what I really love is the little white doghouse over on the right, almost missed that little detail. Hope there's a good woodstove in that barn so it will be warm and cozy in there when the Saj and I drop by for cocktails tonight !

    til then...

    WV is "comarm", as in, comarm you all, let's goarm down to the barm to get a drink...

  8. Owarm! Charmed arm sure, that you're back in the blog saddle, lurking and smirking, moseying on down to the barm, armed with a bottle of rarm to keep yourself carm in the face of your fierce sisters in arms. But never fear, we'll do you no harm once you're down on the farm.

    Glad you like the dog house, dear brother, as it won't be so far for you to stagger when you're ready to sleep off the cocktails tonight.

    (Saj--have you got the rope ready?)

  9. PS--BrOwen,
    I just checked with Pierre and he says that there is a big woodstove in the barn, but it's not hooked to anything. I don't think that matters, do you? Maybe we could smoke some salmon or herring during the cocktail party. I mean, smoke it over the woodstove, not actually light up a fish and suck on it. Though if you want to, Saj and I won't try to stop you.

  10. Haha, you know everytime someone mentions smoked fish I always ALWAYS get a mental image of someone with fish in their mouth...I must get out more. To the barn it is then, lead on McDuff!

  11. Great minds, Saj! It's no accident that we're sisters. Don't forget the rope!

  12. I don't know how to photoshop much of anything and am very curious how you got that little person in the shot (other blog)...another thing- I have just spent the best part of an hour feeding and playing with the fishies...again. They suck me in every time!

  13. Hi Linda Sue,
    The secret to Photoshop is layers. Many different effects and even various photographs layered on top of each other, certain areas hidden. I'm only scraping the surface (pardon the pun) with what I know how to do. If you're obsessive about feeding the fishies here, you'd best stay away from Photoshopping else you may never surface (again pardon the pun) to see the light of day again!

  14. Ah ahlways wahnted to tra smokin' some salmin with a few good wimin for company...


  15. Wehl, Owarn, at least ah can provahd y'ahl with thuh salmin paht ah thuh equation.