Friday, December 18, 2009

Squeaver at Work!

There is a mutant Montreal squirrel at large, a cross between the emblematic Canadian beaver and the common grey squirrel.  I was astonished to catch the critter up to his dastardly deeds in a downtown neighbourhood.  Not only does he gather acorns, he gnaws down the whole tree!  Next thing you know, they'll be building lodges and inventing secret paw shakes.


  1. Leave it to Squeaver, eh ? Looks dangerous !

    And to Saj, sis, ha, now who's first to the comment box ???

    I'll be back... after a bit of a rest, and another day at work Saturday... playing at Santa's elves...

  2. Looks very unique but also a little scary .....

    Have a puurfect weekend
    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :-)

  3. Well, Owen, aren't you the busy little squeaver. Just don't gnaw off your own foot to get free of the trap! :-D

    WV: venti
    Owena alikesa to a-venti somma da tima on him abloggi.
    (I'm part Italian, you know)

  4. Anya,
    Let's just hope this little fellow doesn't find his way into the vast forests of Canada!
    Just kidding, Anya! It's just my imagination getting out of hand, seeing this normal little squirrel doing what city squirrels do best--looking for cigarette butts to smoke.

  5. MUTANT CRITTERS? ...Gaaaaa!!!!

    Nature does get scary sometimes. Hopefully she won't rebel too harshly at all of man's misdoings.

    Thank you for swinging my way, I really appreciated it.

    Roma Every Day

  6. Eleonora,
    I'm sure you could concoct a very tasty Mutant Critter Ragout!

  7. QSBA (Québec Squirrel Builder Association)19 December, 2009

    Very inspiring but ...
    You’d better watch out that one of us critters doesn’t try to hitch a ride with you from Montreal to the Hills! We charge extra fees to build outside of Qbeeland!

  8. Oh no! You'll be taking all the jobs away from our NewBie squirrels and then they won't be able to collect their stamps for the winter!

  9. It's now nearly a quarter to three in the morning and I was working from 10.30 until 21.30, afterwards kid to the bed and trying to close the day's circle as well.
    Reading this washed all away and even provided me with a smile. BTW - reading the commentary is many times as interesting and joyfull as the posts itself. Many thanks to all of you.

  10. I'm happy if my humble little blog brings a smile to your face, robert, in the wee tired hours at the end of a long day. Or any time, for that matter. I do get a kick out of people's responses. I'm surprised and delighted that people take the time to do so. And I'm always happy and honoured to have you stop by.