Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Montreal Menagerie

While strolling along the streets of Montreal I happened upon some critters that were just begging to have their pictures taken.  I was happy to oblige them.

This pampered pitou was out shopping with his people:  Because of his extreme cuteness, he was allowed to wait inside the entrance to the shop.

This pooch wasn't quite as pampered but seemed resigned to waiting outside. 
I think he has the "poor poor pitiful me" look
down pat. 

This little minou was waiting to get back
 into her house. 
Once back in, of course, she would immediately want to go out again. 
This is the Universal Way of the Cat.

It seems as if a displaced dairy farmer, forced to move to the big city for financial reasons, and pining for his cows, decided to paint a nostalgic scene on the side of his building.  French cows say "meuh!" rather than "moo!" you'll note.  I believe it's a question of attitude towards life in general.

Although one is not allowed to keep cattle in Montreal, the city is much more lenient when it comes to unicorns.  I'm not sure what sound unicorns make, in any language.

(Please note:  No animals were harmed in the filming of this blog posting.)


  1. ah wonderful (thats in Kiwi)!
    Love the Unicorn, and that poor outside-waiting-pooch - it was probably not his first shop!

  2. Happy You Know What Saj! (That's Canuck for happy birthday). Who'd want lions parked outside one's palace when one can have unicorns, eh? I think the pity pooch's problem was that s/he was parked outside a restaurant! Insult to injury.

  3. Ouap,ouap,aoap!
    Barouing, barouing, barouing!
    Hee, han!

  4. Didn't you have a purse big enough to smuggle that first cutie home with you...?

  5. My son says Wau-Wau for a dog and Muh for the cow, this would be pretty much the German sounds, while Greeks would prefer Gav-Gav for the dogs, same for the cow though.
    As I do wear a unicorn on my own, it will be of much interest to see what happens,once 'in-laws' realise that I do have a tattoo - or two...
    A wonderful Wednesday for you.

  6. Hello, ?
    Do you mean to tell me that unicorns say "hee han" in Québec? Sounds like they're making jackasses of themselves! Is that a common Québecois trait? (I can say that because I know who you are!)

  7. Hi Gwen,
    Unfortunately, I'd left my big bag at home. I guess I could have draped him around my shoulders like a fur wrap and walked out, though. Darn. Why do the best ideas always happen after the fact. He seemed a bit embarrassed about having his picture taken. I think he's sensitive about the size of his nose.

  8. Robert, now you have me wondering just where on your body you have that unicorn tattoo!! It's adorable that your son says "wau wau" for a dog, and "muh" for a cow. You will have to dazzle your in-laws with your charm so that they can forgive your tattoos.
    Happy mid-week to you! My own in-laws finally forgave me for being an Anglo. (I think!)

  9. Love that pampered pitou with the long eyebrows and floppy moustache
    topped off with a bulbous nose. Did you get to squeeze it?

  10. Oh, yes... the Universal Way of the Cat, indeed... just so fickle! And yes again... that poor poor pitiful pooch, pining perilously pathetic.
    Thanks for the entertainment, think I'll be "meuh"ving on.
    David *

  11. Got that right!

  12. Very funny, Shirl. You know my policy re:dogs--Don't make eye-contact and don't squeeze their noses!

  13. David, thanks for the meuhmories!

  14. I love your woof woof shots
    and the cat is a beauty =^.^=
    Lovely funny words written

  15. Anya,
    The woofers and mewer thank you from the bottom of their furry little hearts, as do I!

  16. So glad to get my fix of dog & kitty cuteness...and a unicorn too? What a day!

  17. Ok, how'd you slip this one past me ??? I must be getting tired already this week. But listen, you said no animals were harmed in the filming, but I beg to disagree. The cat was obviously severely traumatized by being photographed like this. Cats hate having their picture taken without prior approval. And they especially hate anyone making fun of their tempermental and capricious habits ! I'm sure you will be hearing from his lawyer soon, hope your cat insurance premiums are up to date ! Why did you think I moved to France ? To escape a few feline clawsuits that might have ended up costing a pretty penny...

  18. Hi JoMo, Dog and Kitty cuteness is good for the soul, especially when furnished without the dog and cat hairs! Unicorns, I believe, do not shed.

  19. BrOwen,
    This pretty pussy posed perfectly, peacefully, and quite pertly for her portrait. I am not speedy when it comes to getting a picture...or at most anything else, come to think of it, and she just sat and watched me, trying to focus her slightly crossed-eyes. Clearly, if she was dismayed, she would either have scarpered with great alacrity or snootily slunk off beneath the stairs to glower at me from the shadows. Or do you think it might have been part of a Cat Conspiracy to trick me into photographing her without prior permission, only to bring down a little-known Cat Clause claiming unclawful cat capturation? Zut! Would you mind forwarding me papers re:immigrating to France?

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