Monday, December 7, 2009

Door No.1 or Door No. 2?

What kind of mood are you in?


  1. In University I've learned that switching the door might improve the chance to win by a large amount of per cent...well, I'd like to open the left door, or maybe the right, hmmm, to be honest I can't yet decide.
    A wonderful Tuesday for you.

  2. See, there's that snow thing again. I find it humourous that there are so many places here that at this time of year spray snow on their windows and call it Christmas! Bah humbug, it is sunny dammit!!
    I'm going for the door on the left, cos I naturally lean that way.....

  3. Yes, Robert, it's true one can't judge a book by its cover, or a door by its coat of maybe even though the door on the right looks like it must belong to a gloomy, neglected, sad sort of place, perhaps there's a world of wonder waiting beyond. As for choosing...I'm not so good at that, myself. I usually go by instinct but then my mind butts in and tries to convince me otherwise. Shall we just stand out here awhile in the snow and ponder the mystery of where the white goes when it melts?

  4. Yes, Saj--that snow thing again! Everywhere I look outside, there it is. No need to paint that fake white crap in the corners of our windows, we have the real deal. I can't believe that Kiwis, in the full throes of gorgeous hot weather, would actually paint fake snow on their windows??? Hopefully, they're being ironic.

    A leftist are you? Better than being a left-over! Is it Tuesday yet? All this decorating has made me thirsty.

  5. I'm not sure I'm going anywhere near any doors again... it's a trick !

    The last time I was in a doorway I got knocked down and trampled by unknown parties who shall remain un-named...

    Yep, even if there is a world of wonders waiting, once trampled, twice shy, right ?

    Speaking of world of wonders, wasn't that the title of a Bruce song ? (that's Bruce Cockburn, Amanda, not the Bruce you've got your eye on...) As in :

    But anyway, I guess you can guess by now that I'd go for the door on the right, the unadorned simple kind of place, in sober, solemn colors, but I'm sure it opens into my dream house... and hopefully there'll be some good company inside, and we can get down the serious business at hand... of emptying a few of the Saj's mythical concoctions...

  6. Cheers to you, BrOwen! No trampling tonight, I promise. I'm all mellow after yoga class, and full up with treats and "Tame the Tantrum" tea that we consumed at our end of session unparty.

    I like what you say about the unadorned door on the right. No forced jollity or bowing (or red-bows-ing) to the mass mentality of what must be done in the name of Decorating for the Holidays. Just downright, good old-fashioned grinchiness. Not everyone is happy at Christmas, or "home for the holidays" or even Christian. So it's good to have options, I think.

    Do you remember in the Beatles' movie "A Hard Day's Night" where they all went separately into unprepossessing apartment doors next to each other along a street, only to meet up inside where it turned out to be a lavish mansion hidden behind those same doors? I loved that part. Actually, I loved the whole movie, at the time. It was where I won a ticket to go the Beatles' live performance at Empire Stadium in Vancouver.

    But I digress. And I was in the middle of posting a rant when I stumbled upon your message and felt moved to respond.

    I hope you got the corks out of your nose and the bootprints off your back! What are sisters for?

  7. PS. Owen, thanks for the video link. Truly a wonderful song! And I love the guitar playing--how does he get so much sound of one instrument?