Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's a Wrap!

In Quebec City, trees were all wrapped up and waiting for snow, waiting for winter, waiting for Santa, waiting for Godot, waiting for the second coming, waiting for spring, waiting for waiting's sake, waiting while the waiting was good.  All wrapped up with nowhere to go. 
And now I'm wrapping it up here for awhile. For a time.  For a break.  For a holiday.
Blink and you won't even miss me.
Happy Holidays to You!


  1. Is this the road to Dr. Seuss Land?

  2. I hear there's a new musical group back there called "The Tree Rappers".
    They're not bad, just a little wooden.

  3. Happy holidays to you too, hope you've been good enough for Santa but naughty enough to have had a good year! xx

  4. Driftwood,
    We are back in this weird and wonderful land, but no sign of grinches or cats in hats or green ham with spam.
    Happy holidays to you!

  5. Shirl,
    I`m beginning to understand where I get my sense of humour! Very funny. The Tree Rappers.
    LOL! They`d probably have to be called the "$&+&*!! Tree Rappers, though.

  6. Saj,
    I have a lot of naughtiness to catch up on! I think I have a coupon that I can cash in for 2010! I`m sure you`ve used up your limits,though. It`ll be great to start with a clean slate. Have a merriest of Christmas time and a very juicy New Year!

  7. Wrapping things up might provide an anticipation, which many times is much more intense, than the final result itself.

    A wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year as well for you and your family.

  8. No big expectations. Appreciating what is. Feeling gratitude. Being in the moment.

    But still, wishing you a wonder-filled year ahead, Robert.

  9. ...that is a most unusual wrapped affair... seems like it must have been quite an ordeal of preparation... did they have to use a cherry picker... hope it works for em...
    to my simple mind I would have thought they should have used trees more appropriate for the environment... but that is just me thinking of low-maintenance... must have been a gov't make-work project!!!

    I wish you a very restful break my dear... take care...

  10. Oh deary me, I'm so peeved, I typed a nice long comment here last night just before sack time, and then due to the internet connection problems I was having (see latest post) the connection departed before the comment came through, so it's gone... to the land of lost comments.

    It was something hearty, and witty, and warm, something about how all those trees look like something Christo would have organized. Does every tree in Canada get that treatment for the winter ??? That's alot of tree wrapping to do... no wonder unemployment is so low in your parts...

    So, wherever you are, hope you aren't too snowed under, and that your holidays are just fabulous !

    Oh yes, it's coming back to me now, the lost comment, I wanted to thank you profoundly for the lovely card that arrived by snail mail this week... fantastic, really love it... if it's ok with you can I scan it and do a post about it ??? In the holiday spirit ? What a year it's been...

    Take good care, have a great time away from the blogs, that's not all there is in life I think... and come back charged up with lots of great photos and other art.

    And... watch out for the raccoons !

  11. Slightly bizarre!
    round here people wrap their fig trees in burlap.....
    I think I like trees natural to their setting
    HAppy Solstice

  12. Hi Gwen,
    I think you may be right about it being a make work project, or give them something to talk about because, after all, it is Quebec. Wrapping could have something to do with amount of salt being put on winter roads, or winds blowing in off the St. Lawrence. It is one of those baffling manmade mysteries.

    Happy holidays to you, too. Well deserved rest and play time after the big push to meet the Christmas market, no doubt.

  13. hey BrOwen,
    Glad you dug the card. Do with it what you will.

    Am keeping as well bundled as the trees. They do look like an art installation.

    Must keep this brief. All around me are heading to bed. Plus I have trouble typing with this Mac laptop.

    I hope you will have a wonderful Christmas holiday.

  14. yes, Elizabeth, I, too, was quite taken aback with this bizarre sight. People do protect some of their more winter sensitive plants in their yards with burlap or snow fences for the winter...but to see whole boulevards of wrapped trees seems a bit much. Made for an interesting photo though, I thought.

    I wish you a wonderful warm and cozy Christmas as well!

  15. May you all have a wonderful start into the new year.

  16. Thank you, Robert. I wish the same to you and your wife and son, and I look forward to many more exchanges with you here, and on your blogs in the new year. Your postings always keep my brain working hard! I'm afraid I've given up on Soduko so your blog will have to fill the gap.

  17. Great shots! Must feel nice when the day comes for unwrapping :) Happy New Year & all the best in 2010!