Monday, October 26, 2009

Walk With Me

Yes, we're going back to the park. The sun unexpectedly came out so it's the very best thing to do. Don't forget your house key--or your camera! This is the main entrance to the park. I usually sneak in the back way but today I'll give you the grand tour.

Fall foliage, lush carpet.

We're not the only ones to enjoy a walk in the park.
Woof softly but carry a big stick!

This time we go right through the park to the pier. There's no fishing or crabbing allowed for the next few weeks but there are big fish jumping out there! The gulls seem pretty interested.

Let's go down for a better view.

(Just jump over the comments box!)


  1. I'm sure NZ is every bit as beautiful! Grass is always greener, though, eh? It certainly helps to have free room and board here...otherwise I couldn't afford it.

  2. You're welcome to visit NZ and stay with us while you do so! (Steve has dibs on the rabbit hutches but we have a dis-used playhouse - and we will empty the pool to make room for Owen!

  3. Oopps, looks like some of us weren't able to jump over the comment box, and fell right in, just like someone might fall into an empty swimming pool ! Eh, wots that Saj ? You'll empty the pool for Owen ??? And what if it rains in the night ???

    WV is "boase" as in the soggy noise someone who has just crawled out of a wet night in a swimming pool might make as he galumphs off to find a hot shower...

  4. Saj, Thanks for the invite! I just hope Owen won't come squishily galumphing into the play house to dry off from the rain! Maybe he could squeeze in with Steve if it gets soggy out.

    BTW...I think perhaps you should take a wee peek at the comment box on the post below. Your name has been bandied about a bit, I'm afraid.

  5. Hellowen!
    Never much one for obeying the rules or respecting roped-off areas are you? I see that it is only you and the Saj who completely disobeyed the rules and graffiti-ed all over this pristine comment box. And I'm damn glad you did!

    As for the upcoming trip to NZ,if you bring your bathing suit, it won't matter if it rains in the empty pool! And maybe an umbrella and gum boots as well. (You can bet the Saj and I will have our cameras at the ready for that sight!)

    Last one in's all wet!!!