Monday, September 28, 2009

Michael Row the Boat Ashore

I thought I'd get off the Destiny Empress for a few hours or days or months so I called upon an able-bodied seaman to row me ashore. I tried to ignore the fact that he looked alarmingly like the Ancient Mariner.

Well, for an old guy, he does have an amazingly hard body!

All ashore whose going ashore! Let's just store our little row boat at this colourful corner so we don't forget where we parked it.

Look-- there's the New Brunswick and Acadian flags! But wait, what the..."Look out, buddy! There's a giant crustacean behind you!"

"It's okay, missus," the old salt calls down to me. "It's just Homeboy, my pet lobster. Don't get too near his claws, though."

Yes, indeed. A pretty eventful start to my shore leave.


  1. Almost missed this one, it's only three posts down but already off the main page, and it looks like Amanda has missed it so far too, because I'm sure she would rise to the bait (this is fishing country right?) of your quip about that hard body... we should all be so lucky as to get harder as we get older, right ??? And jeez, that giant lobster looks positively frightful... someone's been busy with the camera this weekend !

    PS WV is "ciack", verb and/or adjective/adverb, to describe a post by Lynne C., as in, that was a Ciacking good post you just did there, or, there she goes again, ciacking away on her blog...

  2. Aren't you GLAD now that I didn't give into your whining and turn off my WV's?!!! I certainly am. Good one, Owen. :-D LOL!

    I've put the hard body up with the hookers now. Poor guy was feeling neglected and lonely.

    Reminds me of the old bad joke, "If I told you I liked your body would you hold it against me?"

  3. Hey, this wasn't here a minute ago!! And, as they say, a good man is hard to find but a hard man is good to find!

    Forget Ancient Mariner, I always rather fancied ardent mariners. I nearly married an American sailor once but thats a long story and I've got to get back to my bar....

  4. It is now about ten years ago since I last sang Irish Rover with a cold Guinness close by - thank you for that memory.
    May he always have two hands full of water beneath the keel.

  5. Oh you do make me laugh, Saj! Pierre just walked by and asked if I was making myself laugh. No, I told him, it's the Saj.

    My sister-in-law married an ardent mariner, who eventually became the captain of a cargo ship. Let's just say I think it's best that you let the American sail away!

  6. Robert, you are a man full of surprises and interesting tales! I'm so glad you came on board. Have another Guiness--you need two hands full of beer!

  7. Oh that sailor was rather gorgeous however, and we kept up the romance for at least a year while he sailed about gathering god-knows what in each port! However, about 5 years ago he surfaced via my work email. He had been 'googling' and found me! The price of fame in one's own lunch time I suspect however, we had a nice catch up (he had married blah blah but still thought of me BIGGER blah blah) and now he appears to have gone to ground again! oops, I can hear the bar bell ringing...I think it's Owen...

  8. Saj, I still think it's a good thing that gorgeous sailor boy rowed off in his dinghy. Picking up "what" in every port, indeed! And you can rest secure in the knowledge that for him you will always be the wet dream that got away. (oh god, did I just say that on my blog?!)

  9. I can hardly type for laughing. Thanks for making my day! xx

  10. You're welcome! I'm glad this posting has now moved off the main page!

  11. Anonymous11 July, 2012

    Hi I was just curious, where abouts was this in New Brunswick?

  12. Shediac, southwestern NB. Self-proclaimed lobster capital of the world.