Saturday, August 8, 2009

Scattered & Small Song

Hey you down there!

I thought it was high time for some Canadian content and some female energy on Song Saturday so here's a tune from someone, Amelia Curran, I heard on the radio recently. I believe she's from Newfoundland. It's a sweet video, too.

A special shout out to Robert who's feeling a bit size-challenged lately in his efforts
To Navigate Through Life. You know you're not alone when someone else is singing about it!


  1. Easy listening, easy viewing... the sea looked very smooth in the yellow paper boat... a peaceful, easy feeling... :-)

  2. Yes, one wouldn't want to evoke a seasick, queasy feeling in one's music video...

    (Which unfortunately "brings up" memories of how one might have felt after sailing through a Chatoad housewarming!)

  3. Trust me to turn up when the conversation veres round to feeling sick!! Lovely video, I'm not much of a sailor actually other than perhaps drinking and swearing like one...

  4. But you do look adorable in that little sailor suit of yours!

  5. PS--especially the fish nets...they go so well with the hot pants.

  6. Cool song, and very cool video... Looking at the YouTube play button still photo, I could have sworn this was going to be from the Titanic, inspired by another magnificent Canadian songstress.