Friday, August 14, 2009

Little Run Away

If we ran away to Prince Edward Island for a little holiday, how would it be?...


It would be fun at the beach...

It would be a colourful cottage to stay in...

It would be picnics with sea views...

It would be Sublime...

It would be Ridiculous!

It would be sublimely ridiculously colourfully tastily scenically beachy-keen!

As it's already Saturday in lots of places where I am not, I'm going to get a jump on things and post my Saturday song, borrowing from David at Sparkle Mirror's "Emotion Elicitation System" to emphasize the mood and meaning of this post.


  1. It would be so great to have such a beautiful 'run away' - only to return to a truer self.
    Please have a nice weekend, where ever you are happen to run.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi Robert, Let's see if I can say what I was trying to say in the comment I just deleted. "Returning to a true self" you say, perhaps referring to the various roles cast upon us by society, or taken up by ourselves through a feeling of insecurity of not being as we "should" be?

    But we are always true in our being, no? It's only in our doing that falsity creeps in.

    Just a thought.

    Best wishes for a happy, playful weekend for you as well! Personally, I can't tell a weekend from any other time of the week.

  4. I'd like to run away, no wait I'd prefer to DASH RAPIDLY away,I want sunshine and I want it now!

  5. Hi Lynne! Wouldn't it figure that the day you posted this, with a shout-out to SM, I was exploring (and posted a response on) one of your other blogs. I just noticed this! ugh!
    Well, better late than never, and here I am experiencing the party as if it just happened -- referring, of course, to that delightfully stimulating "Run run run run, runaway" (oh why why why why why, she ran away... I LOVE IT!). And that keyboard solo... magnificent! I have chills running my spine (playing it over and over).
    Love the photos and mental meanderings... It certainly is "sublimely ridiculously colourfully tastily scenically beachy-keen!"

  6. Hey David, Long time no see! But I just figure you're being creatively busy whenever you disappear for a length of time. I'm glad you enjoyed Runaway--I thought it was a pretty rockin' version, myself.

    I finally clued in that you have a website and took a peek. Very nice, very pesonal, and colourful. I'm looking forward to seeing more on it...including your store. But man, these things are time-consuming, no? I also enjoyed "meeting" your wife and cats there!

    Groove on, Sparky!

  7. Saj! You were so uncharacteristically sober I didn't notice you here! I hope the sun finally came out in your neighbourhood.