Monday, June 29, 2009


Country Horse in Prince Edward Island
"The horse walked with a patient, uncomplaining gait. It had long grown used to being wherever it was put, but for once it felt it didn't mind this. Here, it thought, was a pleasant field. Here was grass. Here was a hedge it could look at. There was enough space that it could go for a trot later on if it felt the urge....It went for a little amble, and then, just for the hell of it, stopped ambling. It could do what it liked....
It also quite liked the notion of spending half an hour walking alternately a little bit to the left and then a little bit to the right, for no apparent reason. It didn't know whether the time between two and three would be best spent swishing its tail or mulling things over."
Douglas Adams (Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency)
Rather the way I feel today, having quit my job. Only I still have a sprained ankle and it's pissing rain outside. Guess I'll stick to mulling things over for now.


  1. Anonymous29 June, 2009

    Mull Lynne!!! You can't rush that injury! I know though, it's pissing rain here too and I'm hoping it lets up so I can go back to the mountain tomorrow. Supposed to rain all week too. Hope you have a decent day today!

  2. Anonymous29 June, 2009


    Rain, too much, And a bad ankle? What happened? I really like the interior of the café, the yellow color and blue stool, very nice.

    Summer has been really, really geat here. The perfect day was yesterday, so far.


  3. Hi Rain, Maybe a little mulled wine to assist my mulling? I'm actually enjoying the pouring rain, not having to go anywhere.

    Gary, I feel so honoured that you like one of my humble photos and am really happy that you stopped by. "The perfect day so far" hints at an unfamiliar optimism on your part!

  4. Neeeiiiggghhhh... it's me, finally slipping back in to check up on Décolleté... can you pardon me for yesterday ? Was just horsing around. Now, this is a perfectly lovely horse picture, so no nay-saying needed. Gosh, just lounging around with the feet up listening to the rain and reading. And good reading too. Funny, as much as I loved the first four starting with Hitchhikers... I never got around to tracking down Dirk Gently... will have to do so soon, Adams was an amazing mind. Just think Yellow. 42. Vogon Poetry. Take care, hope that ankle is mending... :-D

  5. Anonymous30 June, 2009

    Whats with the crossed front legs?
    Or is it my eyes.

  6. Owen--This is my first run at Adams! Though I did enjoy the recentish movie, which was largely panned. The Hitchhiker is gathering dust on my daughter's bookshelf so I may tackle that (reading, not dusting) once I'm finished Daniel Martin.

    Your horsey faux pas of the other night is forgiven. Such things frequently occur with galumphers.

  7. Anonymous: I believe the horse was rather self-conscious about her short legs and was trying to make herself look taller.

  8. Anonymous30 June, 2009

    LOL, kind of what all the models and celebs do, it makes their thighs look thinner too.