Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Doin' Mickey's Monkey

Put on your Mouseket-ears!


  1. Ahh Lynne, too cute ! Isn't that Darlene a darling ???

    Sorry it was so exhausting to exhume that back post, but I think all three comments came through, no problem... Soooo... you met Bruce before he was Bruce ??? What a blessedly lucky gal you are Louciao ! I started listening to him in about '78 when my brother gave me a copy of "In The Falling Dark" for my b-day... the tune Gavin's Woodpile on that remains one of my all time favorites. I've seen him twice here in Paris in recent years... hence the photo you commented on. He is like good wine, getting better with age. Although the very latest album got mixed reviews, I gather... but I love him no matter what. And the fact that Jerry Garcia did Bruce's tune "Waiting For A Miracle" many times speaks volumes too... What a time you have had !

  2. Annette was my favourite because she wasn't blonde! She looked the most like me--I could relate to her and picture myself under those jaunty ears, tap-dancing my way through childhood. Maybe I haven't changed all that much since then!

    See ya real soon!