Monday, June 8, 2009

All The Better To See You With

Just what, I can't help but wonder, should one "let her know" as advised in the display. Perhaps that she's gone a tad too far with her weight-loss campaign?

I believe these glasses give one the power of Reverse X-Ray Vision!


  1. Cool, a Dead Head's optician if there ever was one. Reverse x-ray vision... hmm, that would be alright, you could really see people's inner selves that way, and stop reading books by their covers... nice catch here...

  2. Owen, the thing about REVERSE X-Ray vision is that you can only see inside yourself! Navel gazing taken to a different level.

  3. Very funny, Louciao,
    and magnificently captured I must say.. I love the form and colors, and the bold creativity the window designer exhibits!
    Thanks for sharing, Louciao...

  4. It brings to mind what is said about beauty being skin deep ~ Also something about the many shades of love - yes.

  5. David: I'm happy that you appreciate my sense of humour.

    Drifty: Beauty skin deep, yes and a woman can never be too thin...or have too many pairs of sunglasses!