Wednesday, May 13, 2009

To Let

I have had some enquiries about the habitability of our Raccoon Hotel. In the spirit of full disclosure, here is a photo of the back entrance/kitchen/living area. I find the combination of designer colours and collage-like textures particularly inviting.

In fact, I think it compares favourably with this fine example of Italian outdoor plumbing that I came across in Calabria.


  1. Anonymous14 May, 2009

    If it's good enough for the racoons, yada yada yada.

  2. Hey Lynne, wow, you really know how to get my attention ! Your raccoon hotel is looking better and better... and your spirit of full disclosure is totally commendable. Hope you have a great trip to Normandy. Well, that is the apple capital of the world, so I gather that's where you're off to, right ??? That's where Calvados comes from... well don't stay away from your blog for too long, I'm starting to really enjoy these coffee break visits...