Thursday, May 21, 2009

Keepin' Cool

I caught these dudes chillin' in the Big Apple a few days ago.
As for me right now, I'm about to take my extra-dry cider on the rocks, with side of kettle-cooked potato chips, and enjoy the late afternoon rays of 33 Celcius sunshine out in the old wooden glider swing. Wish you were here!

(Do you think the girl tried to write "help" on the side of the buggy?)


  1. Lynne, this is priceless ! Really ! I can't tell you why I'm guffawing and choking on laughter... maybe because I've been reading today an essay by David Foster Wallace titled "Big Red Son" in his collection "Consider the Lobster" (which gets back to your Lobster post, now that I think of it), in which he discusses the porn movie industry in the USA. I presume these are mannequins ??? Gosh, they look so real... and so, well, engaged with each other somehow... sorry, my mind was in the gutter for a minute there. I'm sure it was all very innocent and ice cream cones. I'm sure it was a cry for Help though... quite a find... the only thing missing is a raccoon tail hat for the man here.

  2. Owen--the guy may not have a coonskin hat but he does have a random ponytail growing from his forehead; or,he may have been just a little readjust his comb-over.

    And more weird blogosphere mind-melds--Driftwood & Turtles'latest blog is about lobsters, though perhaps not considering them in the same way as D.F.Wallace.

  3. Its a message in code from outer space: ET - the missing E in HLP and the missing T in KITS. A message for Emily perhaps?

  4. As in ET says, "Emily phone home?"