Friday, May 22, 2009

Seeing The Sights


Would Superman be able to leap it in a single bound?

C. believes Gandalf lives here.

Who does the windows?

I think the Flatiron got to these.

Usually when I'm walking along, I tend to look at the ground. I might be minding my step or I might be looking for unexpected treasure (eg. I found 11 cents today!). But in NYC, one simply has to look up...look waaaaaay the point of developing a crick in one's neck.

Which reminds me, in Vancouver many years ago, there was a character I nicknamed the Umbrella Lady. She had a physical deformity that caused her to walk in a permament twisted sort of backbend with one hand raised over her head, invariably clutching a closed umbrella. I'm not sure whether the umbrella helped her to keep her balance or if she carried it just because she lived in Vancouver and always expected rain...not that she'd be able to actually open the umbrella. At least, I never saw her with it open. But my point is, this lady would have fared very well in New York as she would have seen all the sights and blended in nicely with the sky-gazing tourists.


  1. the Flatiron got to these -
    or a steamroller *giggle*

    Funny, NYC means looking up, but Vienna too! All sorts of treasures are hidden on the roofs!

  2. Judging from the gorgeous photos on your blog, Merisi, I think I would be spending most of my time in Vienna looking into café and patisserie windows, trying to choose...and only then, while savouring my selections outdoors, would my gaze wander away from my coffee and dessert to search out rooftop delights.