Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Clueless in...

Some clues as to my whereabouts these past few days...


  1. Hi Lynne ! You're back safe and sound ! So it wasn't to Normandy for Calvados after all... what on earth is that metal sculpture ?

    And I saw where you were saying over at Laurie's that you have loaded guns buried in your garden ? Could be dangerous if a raccoon digs it up... remember that tune about a certain...
    Rocky Raccoon? (stepped into the room. . .)

  2. Hi Owen: I think the metal sculpture nicely reflects my apple theme, non? It is, however, a commemoration of 9-11. And I do remember RR...didn't he check in after Gideon checked out? Damn, I think that gun may be just his size! And he's got the mask to go with it.

  3. Anonymous20 May, 2009

    I feel sorry for that bird who is mourning his mate who flew inadvertently into the golden sphere and made such a nasty hole.

  4. No, you've got it wrong, Anonymous: it was a baby bird that pecked its way out of the golden sphere and flew off to become the great American symbol of freedom--the bald eagle!