Friday, April 24, 2009


Say what you will, I love a genuine Montreal bagel. There are those who hold out for the real Toronto deal, and others who swear by a New York bagel, but give me that sweet Montreal style any time. There's not much I'm willing to line up for, but bagels from the St-Viateur Bagel Shop in Montreal--yessir!


  1. Oh yes, to each his or her own bagel! :-) There are great bagels to be found in New York, but I quite liked Einstein's Bagels and Bethesda Bagels in the Maryland suburbs of DC.

    Did you know that bagels were originally baked in Vienna and came to the New World in the 1880s with Jewish immirants?

  2. I did not know this, and I am grateful to those Jewish immigrants.

    I think a world tour of bagel tasting, with subsequent illustrated book chronicling these taste adventures, would be an excellent project. Now to find the appropriate funding agency! ;-)